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can i file a bigammy case and emotional abuse?

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mary luna

Arresto Menor
before we got married i was already asking questions about his intentions and his past. He was married and he denied it. and i felt like his intentions for me was something else not love. He was my first boyfriend as i consider. but instead of telling me the truth he had denied it and i actually end up convincing and questioning my self and blaming myself for doubting him and bringing up these questions. i even blame myself for continuously feeling unloved. i beg and told him to tell me the truth not because of anything reason, but to let him go and for him tonlet go as well, i love him and i dont want him to be in a position wherein he will be obligated to be with me just because he feels sorry or because he was my first. the doubts i had destroyed me and he just let it destroyed be , i was self destructive , blieving that i aint worthy, but at the same time hoping that if he really love me then he will tell ne the truth... even if he doesnt love me he will tell me the truth just as another person who cares. but he never did
instead, we exchange hurtful words... actions etc. until after almost a decayed, he finally told me. and i finally found out in diffirent ways that those things i felt as an :intuition" were so real, but he had deny it and blame all our fights to me , that it was onlyin my head. alll of it... i end up not knowing anything , after 2years of being eparated with him, i tried to patch the pain by having a boyfriend but it made it worst. i thought he will dohis best and take me back. instead he had a GF. he convince most of the people around us including my family that he had the best and good intention of doing what he did. but that was actually lies... he is different when behind close doors when there is only me and him. i believe that if not becasue of him taking away my self worth and my confidence as what i was always known, that i wouldnt have been mking the wrong decisions and the self destructive stage i had been through... i am now very very angry inside and with lots of frustrations... but until now he still blames it all to me , that i cause it. he was married and applied for nullity and was granted last 2010. we were married last 2002. i really want to take my life back but i am having a hard time already having nothing and struggling...only because he want to cover his own dirt . please tell me what i can do and how i can make it possible for me to take back what i used to be and start a a knew. i dont want to loose my baby and my new one from a mistake relationship i mentioned. help me please. he is well connected and this blog might be monitored. thank you.

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Reclusion Perpetua
Past is past, you cannot bring back what you have lost during those years. What is important right now is to remove yourself from any unpleasant situation. I suggest that instead of filling a bigamy case, why not go for an annulment case? Your marriage with your previous boyfriend is bigamous and that is a ground for annulment. Yes you can file bigamy, but also consider the time and money that you will toss if you will file a case against him, not to mention that additional emotional stress.

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mary luna

Arresto Menor

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