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Single Parent - unmarried

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1 Single Parent - unmarried on Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:22 am

minnie mouse

Arresto Menor
I am a newbie here and I am writing to seek answers.

I am a single mom. I have a 7 yrs old son from my previous boyfriend of 6 years - he's turning 8 years old this October 2014.

My Ex and I used to live together and we were planning to get married and have children. But on January 2006 I learned that he was in a relationship with my friend. I decided to call off the wedding and then, I found out that I was also pregnant.

I was thinking that the situation would change, that he'd break up with my friend because a child was involved - I was wrong.

I told his Mom and sister that I was pregnant, but they did not believe me. I went through 9 months of hell with him. He seldom accompanies me with my pre-natal check ups. He goes home late at night because he was with my friend.

I was working on a night shift then in a call center when I also found out that whenever I'm at work,  my friend sleeps in our house.

My son's last name is my ex boyfriend's last name, they were the ones who processed the birth certificate.

2 months after giving birth, I decided to move out and break up with. I went back to my family. However, I agreed that they can borrow my son because I dont want to remove his rights as a father.

There's no child support involved. His reason was, we are both working. He said that he'll give support whenever they borrow my son. And if my son's with, i should be taking care of everything.

He is currently working in Singapore. Although there were times he sent money for my kid, but it was very rare. The amount was, 3k highest was 5k and it was not even monthly. I can count how many times he sent the money. It was only during the time I lost my job.

When my kid started studying, he willingly shouldered tuition fee, and that's it. No monthly allowances.

He told me that he is sending child support to his Mom.

During the time I lost my nanny, my ex boyfriend's Mom, volunteered to take care of my son because I am working full time.

I had a very rough misunderstanding with my Ex's Mom. She upbraided me. I'm very hurt, I always try to give time to my son but I am also working. They wanted me to give up my job so that I can take care of my son 24hrs a day. I cannot bear to lose my job because this is where I get money to buy food and pay for our monthly dues. I also give money to grandmother for her medicines. My grandmother was the one who took care of me when I was growing up and we are living with her.

My ex boyriend's Mom told me that they will file a case against me in court if I deprived them from borrowing my kid.

They are saying that the child will choose them over me.

Do I have a big chance of winning this case if I bring this to court? PAO told me that for an Illegitimate child, the mother has the parental authority. Can I file a petition for support event if he's abroad? How about the visitation rights?

I hope you guys can help me with this. I'm a really having hard time in this situation.
I dont know any lawyers who can help me. I also do not have enough funds to pay a decent lawyer.

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