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I was ejected from my own Business!

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1 I was ejected from my own Business! on Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:36 pm


Arresto Menor
I really need some help guys, because right now I am struggling financially. I dont know where to go whom to ask help, this is my very first time to ask for legal advice and the advice that I am getting from the Davao city legal office and PAO, the same lang din, but I need an action plan.

Situation 1: James and Earl are business partners, though I was employed as contractor for Earl. The two conceptualized a plan to build a call center here in the philippines. And because they cant be able to get inside the philippines, Earl asked me to help them create a business. I told them that:

a. its illegal to be a dummy. And if I will be a dummy, I will make sure that when you arrive here in the philippines, the whole business set up need to be changed to partnership because I dont want to carry the weight of the burden if something will went wrong along the way and I want them to enjoy the money that they will invest in the philippines.

b. I am going to build a business entity here, under my name, sole proprietor and I will have you guys as my direct client for the services I render.

c. That I will not be a dummy but their service provider.

James and Earl agreed on a, b and c then they promised to send funds for me to build the Call center. And I have showed them the budget we need and they agreed to send 10,000 usd, however I only received 6,000 usd, all intended to complete the call center set up.

All what have been agreed upon are not in legal documentations, all just in chat and calls. However with the promise that I will build a call center that will service their need, I completed it with 6 computers, tables and chairs and internet.

Then they arrived here, and they took over the operation that I should be the prime person who will function as the owner manager. When I learned that to get our calls in, the type of marketing that Earl does is to spam a computer user, forcing him to make a call because a persistent pop up is blocking the whole computer and theres no way for him to get it out.. so they will ask for our help, then thats how we push calls into our call center. I find it very bad, I want to get out from the operation, I told them I will back out and ask them to find someone that I can transfer the ownership of the properties I purchased, provided that they will also stop the operation until the full legal process will be completed, but they refuse to sign a document for me to transfer the rights of the properties to them, they also dont want to stop the operation. I am scared because whatever they are doing, whatever that will happen in that office, my name will be hold liable. so did all the legal means to get them stopped. And they hold all documents, keys with them. my lease of contract, the internet contract.

Then when I learned that they moved out of my office, they took the computers with them. I thought I will already have a relief but later I understand that I have 21k bills to pay and they will not pay it. The only way that I can think of is to force them to give me back the computers because right now I dont have anything. and the fact that everything in that office is mine, under my name.

Tell me what the best option that I can pursue. I need the computers back to pay all of these bills.

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2 Re: I was ejected from my own Business! on Fri Aug 22, 2014 7:41 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
report the matter to BID and NBI. if you seek help from the business bureau, you may do that but it takes time.

the BID can revoke their passports for conducting an illegal activity. the NBI can also help. the NBI and BID offices in Davao City are almost adjacent to each other, with one building that separates them. their offices are located near Victoria plaza, bajada,davao city

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