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Near Food Poisoning

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1 Near Food Poisoning on Thu Aug 28, 2014 5:57 pm


Arresto Menor
Hello, I need some advise about what happened to me in one resto. We had a dinner to a seafood resto, after that I fill up a survey that the food is not cooked well done (seafood). The next day, I felt sudden abdominal pain, the pain gone worst until the afternoon I ran through the CR -lbm and vomiting for 4x. The pain is no longer tolerable so we went to a clinic. The clinic gave me shots of medicine for vomiting and meds for abdominal pain. It helps for minutes but I still vomit and the pain is still unbearable. The doctor advised us to go to the nearest hospital. I was rushed to ER and the same, they gave me shots for vomiting and stomach pain. I still vomit and the pain is still there. I got confined and had a fever. When I asked for medical certificates from the two doctors, (clinic and hospital). They had the same findings of Acute Gastroenteritis. Now, I reported what happened to the Main branch of this said resto. We had a meeting and they are reviewing my medical records. I spent more than Php 10k for what happened to me. My question was, do i have any legal rights to demand on this matter just in case we will settle the damages? If I would demand on what happened, How much? My personal life has been affected; absence at work, business, I had a Psychological injury- trauma-life threatening/pain-feeling of less safe of foods i ate now-feeling of disturbance ( I cant sleep well after what happened) physical- injections, worst abdominal pain. emotional- i left my baby crying all night. And also the money i used for hospitalization is what I earned on my hardwork for 2 weeks, that is why I feel so less and traumatic that all my hardwork had gone in the wind. Hope you can help me. Thank you so much.

I hope this would help:
The cause is typically a viral or bacterial infection.

Symptoms of Gastroenteritis

With gastroenteritis, the main symptoms you probably have are watery diarrhea and vomiting. You might also have stomach pain, cramping, fever, nausea, and a headache.

Because of diarrhea and vomiting, you also can become dehydrated. Watch for signs of dehydration, such as dry skin and a dry mouth, feeling lightheaded, and being really thirsty. Call your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

What Causes Gastroenteritis

There are many ways gastroenteritis can be spread:

   Contact with someone who has the virus
   Contaminated food or water
   Unwashed hands after going to the bathroom or changing a diaper

There are also other unusual ways to get gastroenteritis:

   Heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead, or mercury) in drinking water
   Eating a lot of acidic foods, like citrus fruit and tomatoes
   Toxins that might be found in certain seafood
   Medications such as antibiotics, antacids, laxatives, and chemotherapy drugs

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