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HELP : My Superiors Suck ; Employment Status ; Prescription Periods ; Penalty Payment

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Jem is my name

Arresto Menor
My story:
Last March 2013, I was charged with Falsifying of Documents. I did not do such in purpose. I was just making the document current by changing the letterhead date; i did such in good faith. The letter body remained as is; all body information and dates.
I was served a Suspension Memo (I knew it was leading to firing; even one of the superiors told me it was leading to such and advised me to resign) and I responded with a Resignation Letter for delicadesa purposes. My Resignation Letter was signed by the Admin head and NOT by the Company Owner. I think it was around 6 months later, when I have spoken with a friend of mine (close to the Admin head) that the company eventually accepted my Resignation.

I was working with superiors, but was not able to show the superiors all the documents due to time constraints. Of course, the superiors bad-mouthed me with the company owner. The company has an inverted pyramid system; meaning the superiors are responsible to what their subordinates do. My superiors were not exactly the diligent and hard-working type. They leave earlier than I do and question my OTs even though they were cc'd in all my emails to clients (with time stamps).

Due to such incidence, the company needed to pay a penalty for such action and endured a 6-month penalty. The penalty duration ended September 2013. The company paid the whole penalty amount, but wanted the subordinates and me to pay half of the penalty amount to the company.

I told my superiors that I was willing to pay my part as long as it was divided equally among us. But the superiors wouldn't budge. The superiors believe I did such as a representative of the company and we should not be liable to pay any portion of the penalty. The company has no employee handbook, only MEMOs. I believe no MEMO was issued regarding such situation.

It has now been 11 months since the penalty duration elapsed. The Admin head told me to coordinate with the superiors regarding the penalty payment. I told the superiors to contact me (they have my home telephone # in file and facebook account) if decision has been made. I believe they are afraid to bring the subject up to the company owner and Admin head due to lack of payment interest.


1. Am I really considered resigned? They did not say and do anything when I requested and took my ITRs last March 2014. They issued wrong info on my ITRs and I called lots of times for them to correct it and still did not say anything. Am I considered as AWOL?

2. Is their a prescription period wherein I am really free of such penalty payment? It has been so long (1 year and 7 months total) - since I got caught TO company hearing TO penalty hearing TO penalty payment TO penalty uplifted TO obtaining my ITRs from the company. How long should I still wait for response?

3. Are the superiors liable of my actions given the Inverted Pyramid system the company imposes?

4. Could the company sue me if I did not pay them the penalty money even though I was patiently waiting for my superiors' response?

5. Is there any chance that my superiors were correct with me representing the company and we should not be liable of such payment penalty portion considering the company has no employee handbook nor did we sign any kind of contract at all?

Please help me. For the last 1 year and 7 months I have been having these nightmares about them and it has not been good for my morale, well-being, and me moving forward to finding a new job. No

This will really help me find closure hopefully. Thank you very much.

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