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In need of Advice - Single Mom (Child Support)

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Arresto Menor
Greetings! I am a 20 year old Single Mom with a 9 month old baby. My baby was born out of wedlock and here's the case. When my child was born disputes between my family and the family of the father of my son aroused. The family of my son's father insisted that my son should bear their surname but my family was against this. Now, during that time, me and the father of my son were still in a relationship so I went along with the decision of giving my son the father's surname. The father of my son signed the Birth Certificate thus proving paternity.

The father of my son is currently jobless though his parents (lolo and lola of my son on the father's side) claimed to take responsibility with the needs of my son but it was not the case cause during that time I had an American Chatmate who sends me money every month due to my hard-headedness I made my parents believe that the Cans of Milk that I bought using the money sent from my chatmate were Cans bought by the father of my son. On the otherhand, the parents of my boyfriend are very capable of supporting my son but never did so because they became dependent that I would cover-up for their jobless son.

The arrangement was we had 3 1/2 days each to take care of the baby. Now that we are no longer in a relationship, would it be possible for me to file child support against my son's father who is jobless and file a case against him for emotionally hurting me? He would text me rude stuffs and a lot more which is very degrading for my reputation.

Much more to it is he constantly yells at me when I get the baby and said that I should go ahead and change my son's surname. What Legal actions should I take and if I would change my son's surname to mine would I still be able to ask the father for child support given that he hasn't ever supported the child since birth.

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Reclusion Perpetua
Send demand letter for child support and file RA9262 case. changing the name of the child will not affect the obligation of the father to support.

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