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Seeking Advice re :Car Collision -

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1 Seeking Advice re :Car Collision - on Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:29 pm


Arresto Menor
Hi everyone ,

Im new here and just wondering if anyone can give me a comprehensive advice .

My father got involved in a car accident recently. The driver of CRV car made an illegal turn and he hit the back of my fathers' car. Then my fathers' car went out of control and he hit an incoming Toyota car. No serious physical injuries. The owner of CRV run away but they got his plate number. The toyota car was severely damage the front and so was our car.

so these what happened after investigation :

1. It was established that it was the owner of the CRV that was at fault , He was given a notice but as of this date .. he did not make an effort to communicate.

2. The owner of the Toyota whose car was hit by my fathers ' was asking a money worth 350k . Jesus, we do not have that money. We said we'll have the car fixed . I believed the car was bought in 2009. Both cars have no insurance. Our car is like 11 yrs. old. anyways , after few days that we insists we do not have money, they want their car to be fixed in toyota branch -- instead of local autoshop. We said that we cannot afford it in Toyota branch , never mind our own car that need fixing.
They dont want to agree and said will just get a lawyer.

3. The police is not releasing my fathers' car and license.. is this common or do we have the right to get our car and have it fix as its our only means of transportation and its a necessity where we live.

4. Shouldn't the police run after the owner of CRV whose the source of this problem instead of him getting freepass while we suffer mentally, physically and financially,

5. Also, if the case got filed are we doom to pay more of what we can afford and if we have no money for their demand.. what is worst case scenario .. and how long would this take .. because we do not have money for private atty .. and we have to seek assistance from public atty

Thank you so much for your help. We live in Malolos, Bulacan . There were 8 grandchildren who goes to school everyday. and now we have to pay for a tricycle which is php 35.00 per head. - everytime , back and forth.

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