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Please I need your advise. My Mother died and was held-up at the ICU for more than 12 hours

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Arresto Menor
Last January 20, 2015 between 3 to 3:30 AM, my mom was rushed to the hospital due to difficulty of breathing. ER nurses attended her (nebulization, steroids and oxygen) but was still having hard time breathing. A relative called a friend who was also a Doctor on that same Hospital. The friend Dr. talked to the GP and as well as the on duty nurse and was instructed to intubate my Mom. After 45 minutes intubation was still not yet done only to find out that we need to pay 20k before the said procedure. I was still at work at that time and the relative who accompanied my mom don't have cash at hand so we have a difficult situation. Good thing she's a registered RN and she talked to the GP and nurse about the oath of being part of the Medical Practitioner that we have to save lives before we asked them for any down payment and such. Our friend Dr. was kind enough to present herself as a guarantor and so the intubation proceeded and I arrived at the hospital between 10 to 11AM. I have 10k at hand but to dismay I saw my Mom at the ER wherein supposedly she should have been sent to the ICU due to her critical condition. I compose myself and paid the Bills. After I paid the partial amount that was the only time that my mom got X-ray and sent to the ICU.

My mom shown huge improvement, she can smile and was able to communicate with the hospital nurse. I was on verge of transferring her to the PGH for a much better medical care and attention and if in case she needed a heart surgery then we can afford it. January 23, 2015, unfortunate things happened. My mom passed away at exactly 9PM. I arrived at the hospital 30 minutes after, my world has shuttered and time has stopped on me. I almost died at that time.

Around 10:30 PM, Funeral Care arrives as they're ready to pick up my Mom. I went to the Billing/Pharmacy to settle the papers. To be honest we're short in cash at that time and I'm very much willing to provide a promissory note. Per the Pharmacy / Billing Aide, they're unable to contact the POC and with that being said we have to wait till 8AM for him to arrive. My Mom body was still at the ICU until 9:30 AM January 24, 2015.

The POC/CEO arrived around 9:45 AM, he immediate went to the ICU and he yelled at me. He wanted to transfer my Mom's body to the Morgue which is by the way some sort of temporary shelter. I politely said no, as the Funeral Care will pick her up. So he yelled at me again, you will never get her body until your pay the full amount of 115k.

We are willing to pay at least half and to signed promissory note if possible but he won't listen.

He sent my mom's body to the morgue around 11AM and I'm outside of the morgue till 11:17AM. I left have 6 contact numbers to the hospital if in case they needed me. I left the hospital and informed the Utility man that I will go home for a meantime.

11AM, January 24, 2015. CEO/POC filed a complained against me for leaving the cadaver just to justify that they will send my Mom's body to the Funeral Homes that they wanted. Per the blotter he contact us 15 times but we haven't received any phone calls nor SMS message. This is based from the Brgy Hall.

2:45PM, January 24, 2015. My Mom's body was sent to the Funeral Homes that the hospital contacted without any further info from us. This was based from the Security Guard Log Sheet.

6:55PM, January 24, 2015. I went to the Hospital and the Utility man told me that he's been looking for me and my Mom was picked up by a different Funeral Homes. I went ahead to the basement and spoke with the CEO/POC. He wanted me to pay the full amount and after that he will give me another OR so I could use it for the Financial Assistance from the Government.

I understand that this Forum was to provide general information only, but with the cases like this, can someone help me give justice to my mom. I don't have enough money to pay for a lawyer but if someone knew or could recommend someone from PAO that would be highly appreciated.

On bended knees I come to you all, please help me.

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