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disadvantaged juan(slight physical injury complaint-still in barangay jurisdiction)

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disadvantaged juan

Arresto Menor

Good Morning your Honors,

I am requesting for help regarding this semi legal problem that i have. on Feb.10th a brawl sparked between my sister, my wife and one of our neighbors.

Hair pulling and shouting erupted between my wife and that neighbor. my sister and i jumped in to stop the fight. after stopping the fight, exchange of foul words still occurs between my wife, my sister and that neighbor.

Whilst that is happening, that neighbor attempted for another assault. being the husband that i am and since we already stopped the fight i rushed in to arm block that neighbor.

I got angry with that neighbor as well because we already stopped the fight and she's still attempting for an another assault.

Then we started raising the tones of our voices between me and that neighbor. then other people watching the brawl started pulling me away from that neighbor, my sister also helped in pulling me away from our neighbor.

That night, we went to our barangay and a kagawad that is 'allegedly' a relative of our neighbor facilitated a hearing our case. discussions and talk were done and the case has been settled. forgiveness triumphed that night. everything was settled, us that neighbor signed on that blotter book of our barangay infront of that kagawad saying that her only demand was to take down a series of posts in facebook by my sister and wife. our only demand is that our neighbor should now stop saying degrading remarks targeted unto us(parinig in other words).

BOTH parties made peace with each other and the brawl was settled. then by saturday morning Feb.14th we received a summon signed by our barangay captain. regarding the brawl that happened on Feb.10th.

we were puzzled and surprised that we have a summon. we already thought that everything was settled and fine on the night of Feb10. the summon was scheduled by the barangay secretary(the summon form is a template with a pre-sign of our barangay captain) it was scheduled on monday, Feb.16@11:30am.

WE complied and went to the barangay hall, only to our surprise and dismay that the same neighbor opened up a 'diff. complaint.'
THIS time, now aimed against me.

it stated on the complaint that i, punched her. there's a medico legal slip that was issued. she claimed that Feb.10th she felt right shoulder pain and went to the hospital on feb.11th. again, discussions were maid and facilitated by the baranagay secretary. not a single kagawad or barangay captain was present during that time.

we have a rescheduled barangay hearing on wed. Feb18th @ 1130am. to settle the matter once and for all.

i just have a few questions and clarifications that i wanted to ask.

1. the 'medico legal' slip looks suspicious. it looks like an ordinary medical cert printout with hand written info on it(diagnosis, date etc.) the reason why it was suspicious because it was not neatly done. first name and last name of the attending physician is not present. only a signature w/c only pertains to 'Dr.CO' of pasay city gen.
aside from that, the doctor's license under the signature or beside the signature is missing. my question is, is there a way to verify the authenticity of the said doc? if yes, how can have it verified?

2. if proved not authentic and falsified, what can we do about it?

3. the medico legal cert stated that it is a 'soft tissue swelling on the right shoulder.'
there was a diagnosis but it lacks supporting documents on how it was diagnosed.(i.e. no lab docs, no exam docs. etc.) is this a valid medico legal slip even if it lacks supporting documents?

Please please, your Honors. i would really need your help and advices on this matter. the matter hasn't been escalated yet and still in the confines of the barangay jurisdiction. Thank you and more power!

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