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Refresher Course after TWO Takes of Bar Exams

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1 Refresher Course after TWO Takes of Bar Exams on Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:18 pm


Arresto Menor
Hello everyone,

I graduated from a law school in our province 3 years ago. I took the Bar 2013 and 2014, but I failed in both. In 2013 my score was near passing. I have not yet received my scores for Bar 2014. I admit that my law school foundation is not very good (nobody's fault but mine).

I now live in Manila and I think I have to rest from the bar review this year. I have received advice that I can enroll in a voluntary refresher course. My husband-to-be said I can stop working and become a full-time student in the refresher course.

Can anybody advise if this is a good idea? Or any better idea? What schools here in Manila can be appropriate for me for a refresher course? Will San Beda accept refresher student like me?

Help naman po. Thanks.

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Reclusion Perpetua

I haven't done a refresher course. I will only share my experience when I was reviewing for the bar exam.

It's really up to you if you want to enrol in a voluntary refresher course. Before you decide, think about why you think you failed the past 2 bar exams. You may have been distracted by different activities or by working, etc. During the bar review period, I would personally not recommend for you to work. Distraction is the worst enemy of one who is reviewing for the bar exam.

When I was reviewing for the bar exam, I attended the lectures for about a week, but I realised it was a waste of time. I studied on my own in my old condo. It was quiet and I lived by myself to avoid temptations of chatting or going out. I studied Monday to Friday. I didn't study on weekends.

Study your review materials, I read reviewers and also read Riano's books on rem law. Don't read too fast and not absorb anything, but don't read too slow as well. i read about 150 to 200 pages a day when I was reviewing.

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Arresto Menor
Hello Katrina,

Thank you for your reply.

I believe I failed the last two exams because my law school foundation is not really very good. Again, that's no one's fault but my own. I was working during the entire 4 years of my law school.

I was not working during the bar review. In fact, I believe that I gave the both reviews my all.

Now, I have the opportunity and resources to stop working and focus on studying - even for a refresher. I am also very tired with the Bar that I want to take a break from it. The thought of taking it this year tires me. I plan to take it again next year.

My theory is that I may know the law enough to pass the bar, but I don't know how to approach exam questions. I can't put the different provisions together to give a bulls-eye answer for each question, at least not within the limited time during the Bar exams. Worse, the OBC is not anymore releasing Bar Exam notebooks. So I can't really assess how the examiners appreciated my answers.

I think that is where the mentoring of law professors come in. If I take the usual prelim, midterm, and final exams during the refresher course, my teachers can provide feedback on how I can improve my answering techniques.

I already called San Beda and it seems like there's a very little chance that I can enroll there for a refresher. I am now considering Arellano.

What do you think? I will really appreciate your inputs.


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Reclusion Perpetua
Relating different provisions together is learned by reading supreme court decided cases, law books, etc. I'm not sure if this can be addressed in a refresher course. Maybe if you have a lawyer friend, you can ask him/her to do a mock review bar exam with you and try to evaluate your answer, the way you answer, etc.

Maybe consider U.P. or San Sebastian? I am from UP Law (and also enrolled in our own bar review program before I took the bar exam), but as I said, I only attended the review for one week.

You should also consider the review materials that you used. Did you buy/photocopy bar review books (not just the handout after each bar review lecture)?

Atty. Katrina

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Arresto Menor
Atty. Katrina,

Thank you for taking time to respond.

I reviewed in Ateneo for 2013, and San Sebastian last year. Obviously both did not work for me.

I think I have enough Bar Review books. I read Riano, Nachura, Bernas, Villanueva, Dimaampao, Azucena, Chan, Jurado, Aquino, Sempio-Diy, Co-Untian, Mamalateo, Boado, Pano, Aguirre for 1st reading. I write notes and use the updated San Beda reviewers for 2nd reading. I use the San Beda reviewers again for 3rd reading.

I even spent money for renting a dorm room near Baste last year so that I can concentrate on studying. This is why I really cannot reconcile how I failed. Huhuhu. =(

I am thinking of enrolling in Jurists Bar Review because they have one-on-one coaching. I think it will help approach and answer bar questions. I hope this is a good idea and will work for me this time.

Thank you again for your inputs.

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