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Brgy. Capt is disapproving my resignation until there's a new treasurer.

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Arresto Menor

In January 18, during the session, (Was recorded in the minutes) I already passed my resignation letter to our Kapitan but he refused to accept it, telling me that I could not just resign because of so many things to finished and he said when I am done with what I've started then I could resign. I agreed on that. In February 25, I reminded him that I'm almost done with my February transmittal, and asked him if he has found someone to replace me. He said he has someone new to replace me who is an experienced treasurer, but then I willl still have to finished my March Transmital, and telling me also that my effectivity of resignation is March 15, I made it clear to him asking him several times, he said March 15 is my effectivity, I agreed on that, and I have 15 more days to turn over everything to the new treas. It has been way too long. Even today, he has found no one to replace me. While waiting for March 31, there should have been an OJT treas since he said I have 15 more days of turning over everything.

Last session in March 15, he told the council about my resignation, and he is appointing me as a new secretary. I agreed to apply as a secretary because I see changes in his attitude, he no longer yells nor insults, he has been nice, even other people could say that, he was being nice since our ex-secretary resigned. It was on topic first (agenda by Kap) that my effectivity of resignation as a treas is March 31, and my appointment as a secretary is April 1.

Yesterday, he wanted me to process some new projects, making DV's and PBC's, I am confused, coz I am already resigned. He said my resignation is not final yet until there's a turnover. It means to me that I'd stll be responsible for April Transmital. I told him that I can't issue receipts anymore, and issue checks coz I am already resigned, that would conflict in the mins, and I have given him a lot of time to find someone new to replace me, since Jan. 18. I can no longer function well as a treas, my vertigo is getting worse, I feel like I will die soon if I still continue as treas because of my vertigo, traveling a lot is not for me and my allergy is getting worse. I already told him that a long time ago, I never expected it like this because during my interview, he said I am only required to go to CT Hall once a week.

It seems like he means of 'effectivity' is until there is someone new to replace me, that I think what he is trying to say. He is not approving my resignation if there's no turnover yet because there's nobody to replace me yet. How can I turn-over when there's no new treas? if he can't find someone new, lets say in a month I'd still be working as a treas, and still could issue receipts and still go back and forth to CT Hall? it's like I can't leave if there's no new treas, and I am still functioning still as a treas.

I have been way too tired of waiting since Jan. 18. I refused to sign checks now, and issue receipts because that's never ending, it would mean to me that I'm still a treas if I still do that. He said receipts are my responsibility still even if I am already resigned??? that would mean also that April transmittal is my responsibilty if I am still going to issue checks and receipts, My goodness, Also in his text lastnight, he said he is not appointing me as a new secretary until there's a turnover to the new treas, but goodness when could he find someone new, do I keep waiting for that and what's my status in the brgy, still a treas, I already resigned.

I would like to know my rights. I will need to rest from travelling, I'm getting worse, I am for office work only. .I just wanted to make my March transmittal now, he said in Feb 25 and March 15, I will just help the new treas making March Transmittal, but there's no new treas yet, so I am doing it myself, and will have to travel again . He insists that I could still issue checks/receipts until there's turnover.

Is Kap violating labor code also if he is not approving my resignation? Please tell me what to do. THank you

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