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how to transfer a title of deceased grandfather with too much issues involve now

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Arresto Menor
History of the case
1. Sometime in 1947 grandfather Rodriguez. In fact grandfather Reyes (illegitimate son of great grandmother Reyes) was able to buy a lot in installment basis from Ayala & Co. a 225sq meter.
2. On Aug 1950 grandfather Reyes sold 1/2 of the said lot on  his cousin Ms. D, and which sale appears in his title as grandfather Rodriguez (using his father's name) and Ms. D
3. In 1982, grandfather Reyes died of illness, left grandmother widow with two legitimate daughters, now married and with children of their own. they agreed to divide the 1/2 of the said lot (50% of 225sqm) pertaining to their's father into three blocks
sub Lot A- for my mother
Sub Lot B- for my auntie
Lot C-grandmother living with my illegitimate brother
This is covered by an affidavit subdividing the lot of deceased grandfather annd later on surveyor by land surveyor as per their affidavit.
4. That the above property, including the land and house built thereon has been assessed by the Municipal Treasurer of Makati and Property Taxes thereon have been religiously paid up to date by my grandmother.
5. On Feb 1998, my grandmother died and  surprisingly leave a notarized deed of sale of Lot-C 68sqm to my illegitimate brother, documents has my grandmother's thumb mark because she does not know how to read and write as per my step grandfather (grandfather i've known). This is questionable by my auntie because my illegitimate brother has an issue broke the lock of cabinet by force and steal the title in antipolo and secretly gave to my step grandfather who sold the title land parcel in antipolo.
6. On March 1998, my mother died.
7. In 2000, my grandfather Reyes cousin who is co-owner of land parcel file a case when my auntie refused to give a 2meters right of way because my home and auntie's home is connected house in front facing the main road behind our house is for my grandmother's house then behind of it is an abandoned lot as my grandfather's cousin advised the tenant to leave as she needs the lot already.
8. In 2000 Ms D file a case and only Auntie knows about the case as  we are still young that time my age is 14yrs old and im third of five siblings. Later on 2002 court approved to divide the lot unto Lot-A for my grandfather and Lot-B Ms.D with their own right of way and wall dividing the two lot. And sheriff's order released that's the time auntie said my house will be demolished and we have no choice because she will not allowed that her house will be demolished thats why she choose Lot-A favor to her side. We are like squatters in our own land and built the stick left wood on abandoned lot behind my grandmothers house. As I have learned in college we should get damages cost for our house but we cant go back to past.
9. Now my auntie is hiding the title even the wife of deceased lawyer who hold the title after the case, she told my family even we can pay now she does not have the title anymore my auntie pay 2,500 php as she reason out she was sick and no capability to pay the 250,000 waive to 50,000 then 2,500 at last.  
10. Now she always saying we need a land surveyor again as the partition of 3 equally divided is wrong (1-auntie's house, 2-illegitimate brother's house, 3-my house equally divided). She wants to  divided into half (1-mother, 2-auntie) on my mother's part she wants half of it for my illegitimate brother as he holds a notarized deed of sale.
10. Whenever we ask if she knows now where is title she will change topic and run away.

Thank  you for taking out some time to read my long and complicated situation as we have no enough money for this situation and no idea where to start.

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