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Pre employment medical clearance need advice please

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Arresto Menor

I was about to start work tomorrow but due to pre employment medical i was put to pending. Let me explain what happened.

Last month i had my pre employment medical in makati its a well renown medical clinic.the next day i got a call from hr stating that they found out that i have a possible pulmonary infection as per my xray. So on March 17, i was able to obtain a medical clearance from the pulmo doctor. I submitted it but the company i was to work for didnt honor it because they said i need to do apicolordotic xray i informed them that i had tb when i was young and thus the reason why there is a scar as per the first pulmo.

March 23, 2015, 2nd xray . I underwent 2 x-ray's within a month due to their needs. I had no complaints. The result came and said i could possibly have koch's infection and it was the written result that comes with the x ray plate. The Company dr informed me i need to go seek another pulmonologist to get clearance.

So i went to UST to get the clearance before holy week 2015. The Dr wanted me to go get sputum exam and i wasnt able to provide one due to my cough then was dry ( my cough only lasted for 5 days and it was gone after holyweek). I then informed my company that I am still waiting for the result of my tests. They informed me that i should give them an update so that if any case they could find a replacement for me . I told them no problem but it might be hard for me to get a clearance due to holy week and the doctor's schedule @ UST is only wed and friday. the other option i had is to get any previous year's xray plate.

I reached out to my previous employer and luckily they still have it and its ironic that it was the same clinic that i went to for the pre employment.

Tuesday came april 7, 2015 . I was informed that i can get the x ray plate from my previous company. I got my xray plate on April 8, 2015. and headed to UST. The pulmonologist said it was just a scar and gave me another clearance and informed me that if my company need clarification then they can call him.

I texted the HR and advised her that i have a second clearance stating that I don't have TB to begin with. Again it was just a Scar.
I was asked to give the med cert thursday because the alleged IM doctor wasnt there last Wednesday. Thursday came I have all my plates and the pulmo clearance certificate. The company Dr asked me where is my sputum test result. I told them that as per the pulmonologist it wasnt needed since my 2014 and 2015 x-ray is the same it was just a scar. The Dr said and i was able to put that into my phone "they just needed to get clarification from the pulmonologist then I am good to go Monday. Said feedback will be given Friday or Saturday. Friday came I was asked by the HR to go there and clarify my starting date. I was asked to go to the company at 11 am. I arrived on time and after 24 hours the Company IM Dr. wasnt able to clarify that with the pulmonologist. I was called by the DR around 12:30 pm and she told me that the pulmonologist will be at UST on 2pm so i was advised to go home and wait for further updates.

Then apparently what they needed was a clearance for TB even if i have submitted 2 pulmo clearance from 2 pulmo doctors.

I replied to HR and i told them that while i understand that its my health and co employees health that you want. I want to know why it was not specified and written that was needed is a TB clearance. I told them that i was not clearly advised by the company dr what was needed and yet my start date will be moved because as per them my medical clearance is still pending. I asked the hr that the last 3 days I was there. I should have been informed that what is needed was TB clearance. I asked them i did what was asked from me. Why would my start date be moved? I asked them if during holy week they were able to get a replacement for me they didn't answer. I told them i can get a tb clearance on Monday morning before my supposed start date @ 10:30 am . they said its still not clear because the tb clearance should still be verified by the company dr.

My question is did i get treated correctly?
What is my say if my medical clearance are all valid and i am not even sick to begin with. Should i have the right to honor my contract dated april 13, 2015? If they move it what would be the grounds. I know i signed a pre employment contract that failure of medical clearance is an automatic void of contract. What is the companies control over that if right from the start i was able to obtain 2 pulmo clearance and that i am not sick.

I am sorry if this is lengthy i just want to make sure that I provide all the details.

Thank you

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