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Unfair business practice

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1 Unfair business practice on Mon Apr 20, 2015 5:23 pm


Arresto Menor
I first contacted loyalty hotline last week of feb. i requested for my service to be upgraded to sun 999 + 800 and get a samsung note 4. After processing the request the agent confirmed the plan i want. After a few days i contacted them and was adv that it was approved. I went to sun shop farmers plaza and was told that the one i was approved was just for regular plan 999. I contacted the hotline again and got it reprocessed. i went to sun shop farmers again and was told to submit POI. I contacted the loyalty hotline again and was able to obtain an email address where i can send it to, i sent the POI and called back the next day and was told that it was approved. i confirmed that it was for plan 999 + 800 amortization and was told that it was. I went to sun shop alimall and was informed that it got declined even showing me the message in their system. I called the hotline again and was told that there was no update yet by a certain "SANDY". I requested for a supervisor and I was placed on hold and when she went back i was informed that there was no supervisor available since they are in a meeting. I asked for her employee number and she told me that they had an issue with their system and cant provide an employee number yet. We ended with her promising me a supervisor callback before 5pm. After more than an hour waiting. I called back and around 4:45 i was able to talk to someone who introduced herself as "MAFE". i asked if there was a note on my account regarding what transpired earlier and she only told me that the only one she see is regarding approval. She also said that she is not seeing any feedback yet regarding the upgrade.  I requested to speak with a supervisor and she placed me on "HOLD for 20 MINUTES" she went back and told me the same story that the supervisor's are in a meeting and there is no one to take my call. She confirmed that their operating hours is until 5pm. I then asked for her employee number and she provided "SG15036" and i asked for the name of her direct supervisor.   She then disconnected the call.

after a few weeks of waiting and being told that my complaint is invalid they finally found the record where the agent intentionally disconnected the call. i was asked by the supervisor to give my terms for compensation for the inconvenience and they will forward it. I was promised a callback multiple times and it was never fulfilled. i had to callback multiple times to get a feedback and was promised multiple times a callback and it never happened. after all the inconvenience they said they will give my terms but i need to enroll my account to auto charge if not i wont be given the compensation for the inconvenience. In the first place that compensation is for all the inconvenience they have done and for them to set terms and mask it under a condition to get what you deserve is "unfair business practice". this inconvenience is now 2 months running.

Meron po ba akong pwedeng magawang action dahil after all the inconvenience they sila parin yung mayayabang and they will make you feel helpless because they can always say no and make it go down the drain. salamat sa mga payo

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2 Re: Unfair business practice on Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:00 am


Reclusion Perpetua
Bad handled customer services are COMMON in the Philippines, which I find odd, because Filipinos are friendly people. Many businesses don't even answer at email requests!!! (I have only got answer from one.) I don't know why it's much better in North Europe, but it's HUGE difference. Many American expats are frustrated too at how much time they have to WASTE to get things done corect.
PERHAPS it PARTLY depend of in north Europe customers have better protection by the law, but it's odd many companies don't understand it's BETTER for THEMSELVES to handle customers good.
BUT a better law is suggested/approved (?) in the Philippines recently concerning Internet suppliers aren't allowed to lie about the speed no more...

SOLUTION specialy if many customers do it:
Skip the bad companies and buy only from good companies.
Now I'm old, and react SOME less than when I were young, although I called the Finance department a week ago and told them a new law is stupid Rolling Eyes Laughing (because one deadline is BEFORE an other, although values from the LATER have to be at the EARLIER form! )
When I were young, I bought a music player, which broke directly and the shop refused to compensate it. Then I put myself just outside their shop and told the bad handling to everyone, who was going to enter the shop, so most of them didn't enter. After a while the shop noticed it in the shop, and gave me what I wanted Very Happy

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