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NTE served 2 months after the violation occurence.

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Arresto Menor
Hi im kindly requesting for advice,

I reported half day for work jan 19 and 20. Jan 19 was a critical workday. It will be my 2nd offense which will put me on suspension.

However, i notified my manager on the dates and in no form or way she mentioned she is not approving it or i will be served any notices.

Second, on jan. 20 we had a coaching and explained thoroughly the reason for my consecutive half-days. (Which is my girlfriend who is a co-worker was confined and no family member is available to accompany her during her confinement but her elderly father. ) and again in no form or way i was told that my half-days were not approved.

2 months after, march 18,unexpectedly the notice to explain came and to my surprise i am asked to write a written explanation. And she included the 20th which is not a critical workday as per office communications.

I refused to sign citing the timing of NTE and most of all that my expectations were not set, and commented that historically with that manager, any written explanation re attendance except with medcert i always get sanctions.

The next day i had a triage session with her boss re matter and it was brought to her attention. It was recognized by them that my boss failed to set expectations. Her additional excuse for the delay was the company attorney is waited for his signature. But as per the notice it was electronically signed. Which no point to wait for atty to sign. My manager has this behavior of mali - mali. She denied me of an annual increase and failed to explain clearly as to why based on the criteria and versus co workers who had same issues and low scorecard ratings, and has a lot of management lapses.

so i wrote my explanation, and raised timeliness issues and made him aware that my boss puts the blame on the atty. Who caused the delay, coz i dont know for sure if she submitted it to hr after the absence or its an excuse she only knows. Whats dissapointing and disheartening about this too despite the increase issue and her mgmt lapses, i still continue to perform and use the setback as my motivation to prove her wrong of what she denied me. And when that was served mar 18, it really dissolved my morale and confidence towards the management, corrective actions should serve as way to correct the behavior as she always puts it. And coachings should be done to coach the agent and motivate. But with her and this timeliness issue,it does not promote that type of environment and can be viewed as they can do it whenever they feel like doing it.

the decision was out after two weeks and im just right that my explanation wont matter as im put on 1day suspension. Citing that the timeliness issue does not negate the fact that i committed a violation (which i agree ), and raised the coaching. It seems their decision ddnt capture that my manager ddnt set proper expectations.

Is this labor complaint worthy?
And management practice such as being double hit for a absence on scorecards. And if ur absent that ur able to provide a med cert the 1st day of absence would hit attendance metric, those are just to name a few.

I just want justice re this as i felt theyve committed a labor violation and feels it would also greatly benefit the company for them to improve and not have people resign.

Hoping for your response
thanks in advance.

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