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Neighbor Troubles

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1 Neighbor Troubles on Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:40 pm


Arresto Menor
Hello Atty. I need a sound legal advise over a Barangay complaint a neighbor filed on us. Please help me.About 8 days ago( Friday, April 17, 2015) ago my mother noticed our front garden ( a really small one about 1 meter across and 2-3 meters in length ) accumulating water and thought that there might have a leak in the pipes runnning under it (we suspect that the pipe leakage was from the March 30 , 2015 earthquake). After 2 days or so my mother decided to check on it as it was water was starting to trickle down from our garden into the pavement , out to out gate (property) and into the drain located right in front of our neighbor's property (We have a slopping terrain , our house's location is slightly more elevated than that of our neighbor's). My mom started hand digging the soil because she was afraid of using tools thinking she might damage any pipe or something. Anyway she couldn't go down deep enough she then decided to have the Village's Water System specialist have a look on it. We weren't able to contact them until 2 days later because all the phone numbers they cited on the backside of our monthly waterbill is out of service. Then on the next day a 2 ladies from our Barangay visited us and appparenly a neighbor has filed a complaint against us because of the trickling water that is keeping the pavement outside our gate wet and one of her children slipped on the wet concrete while playing. But the concrete pavement outside our house is a really rough (asphalt-like rough) one and the waterflow isn't even strong , like no ripples of water while flowing. Friction would have been strong even with the water. We explained to the ladies about the leak and they suggested that we put hollow blocks on the way to stop the trickling water, but it did not help still because of the slopping terrain , the water will obviousy just change course but will eventually drain down the slope. After that we contacted the water system office again and ask for a plumber to be expedited since we recieved a Barangay complaint regarding the leak. The plumber did arrive the next day and was having a hard time locating the leak and coupled with other responsiblities he had in other areas the work continued dragged for 3 days with water continuosly flowing (again the water trickle is very slow and small).We would want the water supply cut temporarily while repairs are on going but the plumer said if do so then the entire neighborhood would be out of water too. By this time we noticed the complainant talking to other neighbors talking to other women friends a they go buy in her sari sari store and always poiting towards the direction of the leak and one of these neighbors who rents pedaled tricycles we have asked a few months ago to not park her tricycle in out driveway nightly (they seemed offended when we asked). The next day we noticed the tricycle is parked back , blocking out driveway after a few months of not parking there. And everyday we notice the same band of women talking. I feel as if they are ganging up on us. My question is , can we file a complaint regarding their behavior towards us? Like the unnecessary comaplint (she could have approached us since we are friendly towards each other), gossiping/coniving, and the other neighbor parking her trikes in out driveway again suspiciously after talking with the complainant.

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2 Re: Neighbor Troubles on Sat Apr 25, 2015 1:54 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
basahin ang bill or rights

The Philippine Bill of Rights is in Article III of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines.
basahin rin ang

Republic Act No. 386
June 18, 1949

The Civil Code of the Philippines

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3 Re: Neighbor Troubles on Sat Apr 25, 2015 8:25 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
A complaint filed against you at the Barangay should trigger a meeting with the Lupon which provides both parties to present their sides and agree to a mediation. Tanungin mo sa Barangay ang next action steps sa complaint which should be to hear your view.

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