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Help! Pregnant & stranded! RIR Physical Injury & Police Negligence

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Arresto Menor
We got into an accident Sunday afternoon, a jeepney was stopped on the other side of a 2 lane hiway so we slowed down (around 20kph) and honked the horn. One woman crossed to go towards the jeep but the other stayed and waited for us to pass. Just as we were almost parallel to the jeep, a 5yr old girl ran across the street coming from behind the jeep, our blind spot. Our friend who was driving hit the brakes hard & swerved toward the jeep but the child stopped just as she was about to reach the other side so we still hit the poor girl. The mother had lead her off the jeep then left her unattended on the street as she got her other daughter w/c is why no one was holding the girl while she ran. We screamed for them to get in our old Fiera and we rushed to the hospital. That hospital needed to move her to a different hospital in Lipa, Batangas so my friend in the passenger seat and his cousin rode with the mom & lola in the ambulance while we waited for the police to file a report. We then went with the cops to the police station with the child's lolo and tito. Upon arriving the officer told us we could leave as they only needed the driver. I said we were all witnesses, should'nt we give statements? I was ignored & dismissed. 2 or 3hrs later we were informed our friend was in jail, no information at all concerning what case was filed against him. We were distraught & confused so we ignorantly didn't get to demand any more answers. Now, the child's family kept apologizing as they know it was completely an accident and they saw we were doing everything to help them. They specifically said they weren't going to file a case as we were helping already with money and whatnot. The police told us and them (the lolo & tito) that they just needed the mom's statement to release our friend. We spent the night in the parking lot of the police dept in Batangas as we were far from home. Come morning time, the mother came, the child was stable in ICU with 2 ct scans done and us already having paid 20k which is all we could muster so quick. She gave her statement and we thought we could finally all go to the hospital. The police investigator who didn't take witness statements and didn't take a picture of the part of our old Fiera where the child was hit, then told us he HAD to file the case and we had to bail our friend out of jail for 10k. Us and the child's family all protested as we wanted all our available money to go to the child's medical expenses! The family blatantly stated they did NOT want to press charges and wanted our friend out of jail but the police investigator said since the child was in the hospital that the case had to be filed.

No pedestrian crossing, no traffic signs saying to Slow Down, the 5yr old minor is under the custody of her mother, we didn't run, no witness statements, and the family stated multiple times that they didn't want to file a case.

Is it just me or are we victims of dirty cops in this wonderful country of ours? Pls help, we're now facing the dilemma between bail and taking the little girl out of ICU as the doctor say she is ok noW and can be moved to a room. We're still stranded in Batangas and cannot produce anymore money to help that poor child or our friend for that matter.

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Reclusion Perpetua
ano na developments nito,
nakalabas na?

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