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What are the cases applicable for my concern

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1 What are the cases applicable for my concern on Thu May 21, 2015 2:08 am


Arresto Menor
Yesterday at around 7:30pm when i was supposed to go home from school. I checked my wallet for assurance that i still have money for my fare. So to be sure, i withdraw money from my atm account. Then after that i ride on a jeepney going to our bayan where i should pass to go home. I was seated right beside the driver (front passenger seat) and i was so busy doing something like texting and surfing on my Iphone. When i was on my half of travel, i give the money (20php) to the driver he got it from my hand, and i noticed that he doesnt see that i was the one who gave the money because he was busy driving and knowing that that money was from the passenger from the back seats. I continuo what i was doing with my phone. We were approaching to bayan where i should stop the suddenly, the driver told me "boy puro ka tex ha" then i was stopped and asked him "bakit ho?" Then he just looked at me and not answer. Then when we are near i told him "sukli ko po sa 20" he toped the manibela (violently) and scolded me in an unappropriate way. He was speaking too loud accusing me for not paying my fare. And because i was offended and degraded, i answered him "manong hindi nyo pa nga ako sinusuklian e" he shout "tigilan mo ko sa mga style nyo na yan. Gawain nyo na yang ganyan. Kanina pa kita tinitignan kung may plano ka magbayad pero text ka lang ng text jan!" I was so degraded and abused verbaly of what happed. So i gave him again another money because we are having an argue. I saved his plate number and reported him in LTFRB. I talk to them and report for a complaint. They advised me to settle it on court. My concern to the driver is if he wants to ask, he can say it in a right manner. If he says sorry, how about the damages he caused.

My personal question is, do i really have a hearing for this?? I just need him to see who he was talking and accusing. Second, about his scandal, verbal abuse, accusation, and degrading and insulting me, what cases and penalties must be applied so i can make my self as my own witness for the hearing. I want a legal action for this matter.

Hi im a legal management student but im just incoming 3rd year, so i hope you will help me answer my questions legally. Co'z i really need a big help from like you. Thank you very much in advance. God bless

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Reclusion Perpetua
I understand where are you coming from... it really hurts....

anyways,, legally ba kamo?
napatid mo na ba ang  phrase na "self serving evidences"?
based sa scenario narrated, anong solid proof, physical evidence meron ka to file a case?
do you have any witness to appear that you indeed paid?

Yes, in your own, you know very well that u paid, u felt degraded,, etc,,,
but have you ever think exchanging shoes with the driver?
given the fact the maraming nag 1,2,3 nowadays....
sabi mo nga, di nya napansin masyado the time na nagbayad ka,

next time, gawin mo ganito. make sure na alam ng driver na galing sayo ang bayad.
or, magbayad ka lang kung malapit ka na, specially if minimum lang naman, at di tinatanong kung saan galing, saan bababa,,,
this is just a lesson learnt.

if you will file a case, on what grounds?
verbal abuse, etc,,,,public scandal?

goodluck on that..
balitaan mo kami ha...

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Reclusion Perpetua
first thing. howcome nagkaron ka ng 20php bill kung nag widraw ka sa atm dahil wla kng pang fare? anyway..

echo lng sa sinabi ni boss landowner. self serving ang testimony and its so hard to lift this isue sa basketball court.

another thing..

maliit na bagay lng yan:)

di mo din masisi si manong driver.. ako man poging saksi sa ganyan..

ke gandang chikababes.. todo txt while byahe from junction taytay rizal to sta.lucia cainta. busy-busyhan ang beauty.. di nga nag bayad sudenly humngi pa ng sukli sa 50 pesos nya!!

sabi ng driver which is my uncle and i was siting besides him.. (sige lng pag bigyan kita ngayon) sinuklian nya..

then pag balik from cubao ng byahe going to rizal. sundenly nakasakay nanaman nya si girl. same scenario. busy-busyhan ang beauty sa txt. pag dating junction humingi nanaman sukli sa 50 pesos nya.

then tru that intersection nasa kabilang lane ang kapwa nya driver which is kumpare. in short kwnetuhan nag warning ang tito ko dun sa driver oposite side nung lane. kasi andun yung babae at nag aabang ng jeep. sumakay daw dun sa isang jeep at same thing. junction to sta.lucia humingi daw sukli sa 50 pesos nya na binayad daw!!

hehe.. modus.

pero di ko sinsabing ganyan ka kenj ha:)

basta nxt time na lng.. take a pic pag mag bayad ka pamasahe para sure na, sigurado pa:)

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Arresto Menor
Hi, may 40php na sukli sakin sa 100php na binayad ko sa drugstore nung bumili ako ng vitamins, 20php is para dun sa jeep and yung another 20 is para dun sa tryc. Tama nga po kayo, baka nga i just over react because its just a little matter. Magkano lang ba yung 20php. Pero if he really want to tell me na hindi nya nakitang nagbayad ako, he can say it in a nice manner. Pano naman yung mga nakakitang sinisita nya ko dun sa maling akala nya? How about the damage for that? Just for 20php na ineexplain ko sa kanya but he become more rude dahil for me muka syang pera. Hindi sya makuha sa explain. Tatabi pa talaga ko sa kanya para mag 123. Sobrang kapal ko naman nun. Anyways, pinadalan sya ng letter of complaint from the office of the ltfrb. And he needs to answer the complaint. Because the ltfrb told me i dont have to worry because the time daw na tumawag ako sa kanila, that was the first proof that that was really happened. They will stand as my witness daw. Kaya eager na eager ako makapagreport sa ltfrb agad. Kahit gumastos pa ko dun sa pagtawag sa kanila wala akong paki. I just want to teach him a lesson. Sabi ko kasi sa kanila, pano pag binaliktad ako nung driver? Ganun daw talaga ginagaw nung mga inerereklamo so they will help me. Sila naman talaga yung right office para sa case ko. Im an educated person so i dont deserve to be treated and insulted like that so i want to meet him again just to show him myself and what i stand for. I was so aggraviated kaya ako nagkakaganito. Baka hindi ako yung taong masisindak nya sa violent reaction nya. And additional, my father is a jeepney driver before. Alam ko naman hirap nila. Wag lang syang sira ulo sa pasahero nya. See him soon Smile

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Reclusion Perpetua
good for you.

the case here is the "right manners of the driver" , kasi nga nasa public service cla, at pinabayaran natin ang service nila which is transportation...

have a good day.

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Arresto Menor
I need help. I am getting threats from this person thru fb.. I tried calling the police station to inquireif i could file a blotter but all i get was a laughing officer telling me to just delete the messages on my fb and that i can't do anything about it because there was no action taken from the threat.. Is this true? Do i really have to wait until something happens to me and my family before i could file a blotter.. This is a no joke for me because i have a family to protect and I believe this is a serious case.

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