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Questions about liabilities on sole proprietorship and estafa

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Arresto Menor
I am a freelancer in a online marketing investing company that is registered as a sole proprietorship under the person who gave me allowances and commissions from referred or recruited clients.. we dont have any contracts signed for the said position and work. My job was assisting clients who submitted their deposit slips under the owner, assist and answer their queries. So happened that the owner was missing and cannot be located and the investors have been pointing to me and my other co freelancers the liabilities because they are thinking that the company is a online scam and the owner ran with their money.. they are planning to file large scale estafa against the owner and us freelancers. Are we liable with this?. Can they file large scale estafa against us eventhough we didn't personally handled the money or signed any documents? What can we do about this? Thank you.. we really need your help..

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Reclusion Perpetua
The Sole P owner is the (main) responcible anyway, but if they don't find him or his assets, it's possible they TRY to go after you.
It's possible to FILE an estafa against "anyone". The question is if the court will find you guilty to be part of the scam.
So try to collect proof you are NOT involved in the scam part and only promoted it in GOOD FAITH, believing it was true.

"we dont have any contracts signed for the said position and work. "
Don't you have anything regulating the deal between you and the scammer?? (E g screen print from a website you joined through.)

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Arresto Menor
Thank you for your reply sir/mam.. i am handling fb pages where we can view when we started handling it.. thats all.. and some conversations in fb detailing when we will start and job descriptions... is it true if this was proven to be a ponzi scheme.. all employees, marketers or referrers can be held liable? And how can we categorize that it is a ponzi scheme..

Thanks so much for you help and reply..

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Reclusion Perpetua
I suppouse it IS a scam.
The question is if the court will find you agents being involved in DOING SCAM,
or if you made it in GOOD FAIGHT, thought it was corect.

1. Have you agents got FULL pay according to the deal?
2. Have you ageents got MUCH pay compared to what's normal for such type of agent work?

p1 is a SMALL sign it's POSSIBLE you can be involved.
p2 is a BIGER sign it's POSSIBLE you can be involved.

If you HAVEN'T got full pay, it's a GOOD sign for you NOT being involved.

If you LOSE in court, you will be reliable to pay to the scamed people, but you can file estafa against the Sole P to try to get compensation.

Can't no one find the Sole P owner (or his assets)?
In an agricultural scam, the guilty PAYED compensation to them who had filed estafa against they withdrawed it.

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