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Help please this is about our land.

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1 Help please this is about our land. on Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:05 pm


Arresto Menor
my father already died, and he left us his land 268sqm size and has a house on the half of the size land and the other half also have a house but my brother and sister built it for their own, we are 8 left on the family so my 4 brother is on the right side of the land and, we the other 4 are staying in the old house that my father owned. I decided to renovate the house because I got lucky and married a rich foreighner. with their consent, I let them sign that if I renovate the house I will put it on my name, and they agreed and signed( at that time our relationship was still okay until they betrayed me, I sent them money to pay the bill in the house but spent it for their own, they sold all my jewelries and more) and now they want the house to be demolished and get their share of land. my question is, can they demolish the house that was on my name without paying me??

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2 Re: Help please this is about our land. on Sat Jul 04, 2015 8:43 am


Prision Correccional
When you say "put in your name" does it mean you have successfully titled the lot in your name in the Torrens title? if not, you have a big problem. They can demolish your renovated house.

If yes, they can't since the property is yours.

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3 Re: Help please this is about our land. on Sat Jul 04, 2015 9:16 pm


Arresto Menor
not on the lot, only the house, the lot's title is still on my father's name.  and im paying tax for the house. can they demolish it??

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4 Re: Help please this is about our land. on Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:06 am


Reclusion Perpetua
(A. I asume you will LOSE if it will be DECIDED in court. But I doubt your bad sibblings would fght it in court Smile if you just THREAT to take it to court.)
B. You can try to offer them some money to sign a LEASE contract at that part of land. Some money for signing plus some money as lease fees for each period the future. But 1/4 of the future lease fees will be yours Smile
C. You can try to let The Baranggay Captain get any sence in the case = Perhaps he will suggest a compromise similar to B.
(D, Perhaps it can function with an UGGLY trick Smile But I DON'T recomend it, because you don't want to winn and LIVE there, but perhaps sell? You can write a RENT CONTRACT with them of your house, which they sign, otherwice they aren't allowed to be in the house. I asume they will NOT pay Very Happy I don't know what happen in Phils with their ASSETS (=their part of the land) when it's proved they have depts...)
E. Do you REALY want to live close to such bad people? IF you live there, I asume your bad sibblings will try to get food/things/money from you all the time, so it can be CHEAPER in the long run to LEAVE... Smile Have you asked your foreign husband what he think? Perhaps he prefer you SKIP it and get an OTHER house FAAAR from them. I would Smile

If it isn't EMOSIONAL very important for you, I recomend E. But make sure they demolish it, so the bad ones don't get your house Smile

LOOK UP! Because of your name is at the house, you are responcible for the tax even if your bad sibblings TAKE it Evil or Very Mad If it's demolished there is no house left to pay tax for Smile NOTE! Make SURE the barangay know the next house DON'T belong to you.

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5 Re: Help please this is about our land. on Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:07 am


Prision Correccional
To address your query properly, i have some clarificatory questions below:

1. When you said there's only 8 left in the family and that is you and your siblings. Is it safe to assume that your mother had already passed away?
2. What was the document that your siblings signed?
3. Was there already a settlement of the estate of your father?
4. Who executed the Deed of Absolute Sale of the house enabling you to register the same in your name?

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