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Resignation with 30 day prior notice

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1 Resignation with 30 day prior notice on Tue Jul 07, 2015 11:57 am


Arresto Menor
Good day.

I would like to consult a situation and seek for your advice please.

I am/was employed in a bpo company since January 2014. On May 2015, I had to be absent from work due to illness. As i was advised to rest for several days, my immediate supervisor filed for a medical leave of absence on my behalf. My absence and/ reporting to work had been intermittent from then on until mid to latter part of june as I needed to undergo some laboratory tests.

My long absence from work has made me uneasy to continue my employment with the company. Hence, I informed my immediate supervisor about my intent to render my resignation with willingness to comply with the "30days notice prior to effectivity date". To which he replied that I am still on medical leave of absence status and would like for us to discuss about it on saturday (that was a thursday). I reported back to work on Saturday, however, my immediate supervisor did not. The following day I wasn't feeling well and had to be absent again. And that was the last day that I reported to work and was informed by a colleague that my immediate supervisor has already resigned. No one from the upper management communicated with me and I haven't received any form of notice requiring me to report to work until another supervisor texted me if I am still willing to continue my employment to which I reiterated my intent to resign and render a 30-day notice. He also informed me that I am still on medical leave of absence status and I need to bring with me a copy of medical certificate/fit to work upon returning. And since I don't have one at hand, I decided to report to work a day after next so that I can secure an updated one.

The following day, I asked my colleague to talk to any personnel from the upper management and inquire about my plan on resigning and 30-day prior notice. She was able to talk to our Senior Operations Manager and was informed that my status is "PENDING TERMINATION w/out possibility for rehire", I am no longer on medical leave of absence and I am no longer allowed to render a 30-day prior notice. Hence, I should file for an immediate resignation. She was also told to inform me to go directly to the HR office and submit my immediate resignation and have my exit clearance. Also, she was informed that the medical leave of absence indicated as my status was just for the purpose of reporting to clients.

My questions are:

1. Is the Operations Manager correct in his contentions?
2. Shouldn't I be issued a return to work notice prior to them terminating my employment? (i haven't received any)
3. If i file a complaint with the NLRC, will the case prosper?
4. What are the remedies that I am entitled to, if any?

Your advice is highly anticipated and appreciated. Thank you!

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2 Re: Resignation with 30 day prior notice on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:19 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
Since these are employment issues, it is best that you talk to your Manager or the HR department directly to clarify the situation. Do not rely on others, more so since it is bad news (about your termination).

It is already July now - what has your doctor said about your condition? Have you been given a fit-to-work certificate?

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3 Re: Resignation with 30 day prior notice on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:59 pm


Arresto Menor
Yes i was given a fit to work certificate.i also have all the necessary medical documents to support that my absence was due to my illness. I went to my office yesterday and was able to talk to one of the managers and he confirmed that I am on pending termination status and can no longer render a 30-day prior notice. They are actually expecting for me to submit an immediate resignation. With that, am I not given a due process by not issuing a report to work notice as they would want me to file an immediate resignation already? I was also told that I was unfortunate because there is no available team supervisor who handles my absence/leave issues.

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4 Re: Resignation with 30 day prior notice on Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:12 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
Talk to HR.

Do not submit an immediate resignation - unless you have a job waiting for you elsewhere.

Habang wala ka namang ginagawa dyan o sa ibang company, keep them busy and fight for your rights.

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