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Does being immature an excuse?

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1 Does being immature an excuse? on Tue Jul 07, 2015 9:39 pm


Prision Correccional
After months of abandonment, neglect, pains and rejection by my husband due to his lame excuses, our relationship and marriage is no longer worthwhile..😔 he have lived the life of being a free man...while i lived with all the burdens he left me and our daughter. Yes the complaint RA9262 is on process (already in the prosecutor's desk), but this does not affected my husband...he have called me with so many names, he sent damn messages, and worst he threat even the life of my daughter bcoz he said, he would rather die along with our daughter than having our daughter lived with me...selfish as he is, he never stopped blaming me for all the miseries that he is into (thou we live miles apart) he felt so blameless anyway...😊

Just recently, he called me to asked for forgiveness that he have not loved me for 8 long years which was the reason why he dont care about us anymore...😞

Accdg to him he was so immature back then...he said, he married me bcause he wanted me to become happy and we will live as a family..even before that i asked him so many times why we have to get married to think he knew the fact that i never obliged him to marry me though our daughter was already 3yrs old that time..he insisted that we will get married and he pays everyhting for the wedding..

Just recently, he keeps on bugging me for forgiveness. i told him that i have forgiven him even before he asked for it..then again, he never stop textng and calling me for it...and keeps on telling me that he was sorry because he was so immature when he made d dcision to get married. And he's asking me now to just leave him alone so he can go on with his life and he will just think about his daughter and will support her anyway..

I was thinking that maybe my husband was not really asking for forgiveness but its his way of telling me not to pursue with the case against him.

I am bothered with his messages, first with the threats and now the "forgiveness thingy"...

I dont knw how to deal with him anymore...does immaturity really an excuse?

Enlghten me with this please?

Thanks 😊

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2 Re: Does being immature an excuse? on Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:38 am


Prision Correccional
Well, for as long as he gives support to your daughter it would be enough. Peace of mind is priceless, but if he is the one initiating the text and call, better see each other personally and settle your differences. There is an option in VAWC for temporary and permanent restraining order, you can use this so that both of can have peace of mind. But before going to this, talk to your husband, if he can promise to leave you and your daughter in peace, if he cannot, then pursue your VAWC

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3 Re: Does being immature an excuse? on Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:56 pm


Prision Correccional

Thanks for Your advice. ANyways, the support that my husband is bragging about is still just a word since he left us that's why i doubted if what he said will be realized. Yeah i was thinking about meeting him in my place if he really wants to talk to me, bcoz this is the only place i knw i am safe from knw my husband is selfish and i dont know now if he had been d total jerk he is.. Smile

Your advice enlighten me and gives me idea on how to deal with our issues...i appreciate it...thank you and you may continue to inspire more Smile God bless 👼

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