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Mistress of my deceased uncle. Help! We want her out!

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Arresto Menor
Hi All,

I would like to seek an advice on what to do with our situation. So here's the deal, the mistress of my deceased uncle has been living with us even before my uncle died, my dad and uncle were really close and the very reason that my uncle left his 'mistress' in our hands is that my dad is a policeman. It's like a man to man oath, so, in this case I cannot rely on my dad.

Let me give you the scenario first, the compound is ours, from what I know, rights lang. As a favor to my deceased uncle (who was an engineer) sya po kasi ang nagpabakod ng compound. So my dad gave him a spot here. Later on, pinatayuan na ng tito ko, then pinatira nya yung nauna nyang mistress, yes, I was referring to a 2nd mistress. Hindi naman po nag-stay ng matagal yung 1st mistress sa bahay.

So somehow he (my deceased uncle) and his first mistress broke-up, she went back to her province and started a new life, she asked money from my uncle kasi maga-abroad daw sya, so pinalabas po nila na binenta yung house and pinadala yung money kay first mistress. Pinagsabay ni uncle ko yung dalawa, like I said, hindi nag-stay ng matagal dito yung first mistress padalaw-dalaw lang, since it's a compound, isa sa mga paupahan namin yung tinitirahan ni second mistress, after pinalabas ng tito ko na may bumili ng bahay, saka lang pinatira ni tito finally yung 2nd mistress nya.

Actually, may kasulatan yung pagbili, and ang mali ng mama ko is, sya yung pumirma as witness, it wasn't voluntary at all, and we didn't knew na magiging worst nightmare namin ang pagtira dito ng second mistress ng tito ko.

Since malaki po ang space dito sa ming compound, my dad manage to built houses and nag-business po kami ng paupahan.

Here it goes na po (the problem) ito pong si second mistress ay nakikipag-friends po sa mga boarders namin, little did we know, sinisiraan nya kami, tendency po, nananadya na i-delay ng mga nangungupahan samin yung pagbabayad nila.

Recently, may sari-sari store po kasi kami, then after months? I think, nagtayo rin sya ng kanya, she's like seducing men so they would choose to buy sa store nya than sa store namin, you know dressing in a way na kulang nalang mag-strip sya. Anyway, she intended to lower her products compare sa amin. One factor, she's the first choice. Her customer's were a bit arrogant too and as in nakakairita sometimes.

Malala po is she have frequent customers, who then we found out nga po na she really were spreading gossips about us, kasi there's this one day po na lumapit sa min yung customer nya and started opening up things which pertains to us being mean to her and such (according to my sister's story).

She has no respect sa amin at all. She thinks she owns the place acts like she own the place. She disrespects my mother.

Additional info, may 1 po silang daughter ng uncle ko, my tita (legal wife of my uncle) suspects na hindi po kay tito yun kasi before she asked to meet the kid, and her 3 legal daughters didn't feel any "lukso ng dugo" towards the child.

Many things to be told pa, pero I think that's enough info for now. If there would be follow-up questions to make the statement strong, I would answer as soon as I read it.

I've already told my tita (wife of my deceased uncle) and she also wanted to settle things the right way, I think may maitutulong po ang dad ko pero like I said, usapang lalaki po between him and my deceased uncle so he won't help at all.

What I want to ask is, is there a way we could kick her (the mistress) out of here? In a legal way? To claim the place ours? Or my Aunt's? And does she (the mistress) have a say in this? Thanks a lot. We really need to have peace in this place and for that to happen she needs to get out!

Will be waiting for your response/s


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Reclusion Perpetua
Is your Baranggay Captain a woman? Smile Or a man who don't be fooled by such tricks the second mistess do?
IF so, then I suggest you go to the Baranggay Captain to try to get a rather fast solution there.

There are other options to evict people, but I don't know these rules any good, and I believe they all take long time normaly Mad

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Arresto Menor
If one option is to go to our barangay then I would, but in what way will it help? What am I suppose to say? I'm really sorry because I don't have any idea on what to do, it's my first time complaining such messed up situation, haven't thought barangay can help. He is a HE by the way.

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Reclusion Perpetua
Tell the arguments why you think the mistress don't have RIGHT to be there, so you want an EVICTION of her. Bring documents and other PROOF/vitnesses. I didn't understand some of what you wrote about your uncle's WIFE, but perhaps it can be good to bring her to support your side.

The FALSE TALK I don't know if it can be useful or not, at least it's a MOTIVE where you don't want her there.

DON'T tell her sarisari store compeete with yours, because that's NO reason to evict, it can give OPPOSITE effect.

As they tell in an other topic, you HAVE TO go to the baranggay to get chance to get eviction anyway.

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Prision Correccional
Before i can share to you my thoughts, i want to clarify some things first.

1. When you said you own the property (lot including improvements erected thereon), does this mean that the Transfer Certificate of Title is under your parents' name?

2. When you said your dad gave your uncle a space in the compound, was there any document assigning the property to your deceased uncle?

3. When you said the house erected by your uncle was made to appear it was sold and your mom signed the document, what is the document? Who sold it and to whom?

4. Did your deceased uncle able to title the house under his name?

5. Did your deceased uncle sign in the Cerificate of Live Birth of his alleged daughter with the second mistress?

6. Is the wife your were referring the legal wife of your deceased uncle?

Once you have answered the foregoing questions, we can determine who has the better right over the property and subsequently the cause of action which your parents may have against the second mistress.

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