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Illegal Posession and Trespassing

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1 Illegal Posession and Trespassing on Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:35 pm


Arresto Menor
I really need immediate help with my problem, i have a friend who owes me money since 2001 who have disappeared and have not paid me until in 2012 i received an email from him asking if i know anyone who would like to rent his townhouse in alabang. since i was in financial crisis already at that time i asked if i could use it myself and he agreed. In january 2012, we had a lease contract stating i have paid 3 years in advance which is sufficient to write off the principal sum of money he owed me 11 years prior. the contract specifically states that the start of the 3 year lease is upon actual transfer since i was then undecided on when to transfer.

In october 2012 i physically transferred to Kalipayan Homes in alabang hills and was required by the association to pay the 10 months unpaid association dues of the unit to be allowed to transfer. I complied and began my residency. i have been living here for over a year when someone from PNB knocked on my door saying they have already foreclosed on this property and have owned it for 13 years. i secured a copy of the TCT although there were annotations of claims by PNB, the title remains in the name of the corporation my friend owns. there was no further communication nor attempts of the bank to talk with me so it was left at that.

in the early part of 2014, i hit rock bottom and literally had no means or resources. in my failure to pay the association for 4 months, they cut off my water line even when my payment to maynilad was up to date, a month or two after this, meralco took away the meter. i had to endure no water nor electricity for months until i was able to buy a small solar apparatus that can provide light at night. i had an occasional help come by who in november that year tapped on the lamp post outside my unit connected to the association one day to provide power on a tv set at night. although i have learned of this, i did not make an effort to undo what he has done.  

on febuary 10 2015, the association security went to my house and advised me about their discovery of a wire tapped from the lamp post going in my house. it was the most humiliating moment in my life and with all that's going on i just packed my bag, locked the doors and left to stay with a friend together with my son and figure out how to go about this. a week have passed and a neighbor advised me that PNB just went in and took over my house. everything i own  and have is in that house. dirty dishes and clothes were still lying around so how could they just come in? to top it all, they sold the unit and i was able to speak to a Mr. Lat from PNB through my neighbor's phone because she called me saying my persobal belongings were being given away or sold by PNB. after i asked for my effects and said i can collect them in the morning, they had a truck haul out everything until everything was gone. they say i owe them and how can that be?! please help me...

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