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Does not want to issue replacement or refund, will report me to the police for harassment

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Arresto Menor
It was february i think when i first purchase my eyeglass from an optical store who made a corporate agreement in our company to sell their eyeglasses. I bought mine for 4000 pesos in cash. They also offer installments for 6 months and a lot of my co-employees also bought for themselves. Not less than a week, my eyeglass's frame broke without me putting pressure on it. So i called them for a replacement. Wanting to make sure that in case the frame broke again, i can demand a refund or replacement so, i called them and ask if the same situation may happen, what will be the solution. She (doctora) did not explain and just told me that they will replace it. A week has passed and my new eyeglass has been delivered but, after 2 or 3 months (if i can remember), it broke again without me exerting pressure on the frame. So, i think the problem here is the frame itself. Its so substandard so i demanded a refund. I called again and they are not answering my calls. They have only 2 contacts in their calling card and those numbers does not want to entertain me at all. The only time i could reach them out is when it's 15th and 30th of the month because of collections from people who got installments. I returned the eyeglass to their collector that time and suggested that we should talk about the replacement or refund. I tried to call again their numbers but, unfortunately no one entertains me. I texted doctora and told that their frames are substandard and with that i want a refund. But doctora replied to me that she demanded a respect and threatened me to report me to HR if i will keep on bothering her. I said i demand respect also since i am the client. They have no customer service. Many days have passed, the eyeglass replacement arrived. The same frame with a different color. It was our HR who received the replacement that time because i had my leave. Our HR said that if i have questions and complaints, Doctora handed my case to her legal and he will be the one to talk to me. Im decided that time that i will not receive the eyeglass because i want the refund. We (legal) had an SMS conversation. He insist that there is no way that they have to return the money i paid because of the warranty. They said it is not possible since there is only a 7 day period before demanding a refund. I dont know where did that came from but i think that warranty should be stated in the contract. I've read their contract and realized that there is no statement proving about the 7 day refund. He said that it doesnt matter if it's stated or not since its in the consumer acts watsoever. He said, the only solution they have is to replace it again. I told him that if he cant prove what he is saying, he will grant my request to refund. After that, he did not replied on my texts and i did a follow up. I called him but he is not answering my calls. Hopeless about the situation, i texted him that if they cant grant my request, i think its better if they replace it but, in a different frame. No one replied to my texts and calls. Many days have passed i think another month again since their collector (son of doctora) appeared in our office. We had a talk with our HR and him. I am returning the eyeglass replacement and i want a different frame. At first he insisted that he is not authorized to receive any eye glass since that is not his job that time but after a very long explanation, he then agreed. After a month, no news from them. So i followed up my case to our HR. She tried to help me talk to doctora. I tried to call their numbers again but i was blocked. I texted doctora to settle our problem because i will be forced to collect other remaining payments from installments until i gain 4000 pesos if they will not report to our office. but she doesnt want to and told me that she will report me to our boss. File a case of harassment, file a blotter to their brgy. Is following up my case to their office called harassment? Will i ever win this case in case she tries to report me to the police? She cant even prove its harassment and she said i am threatening her. She also included her son and the legal that i was harassing them too. What would you like to suggest sir? Sorry for my bad english and a very long story

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