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Dean Ferdinand Tan? Remedial Law Review HELP!

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Arresto Menor
Good day! professor ko po sa Remedial Law Review si Dean Ferdinand Tan, any tips/warnings? Very Happy thank you in advance! Very Happy

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Arresto Menor

  • HE IS GOOD. HE KNOWS THE SUBJECT BY HEART. So you are expected to be the same (for your own good!)  Twisted Evil
  • Master the Rules of Court (be prepared to be asked for the specific rule and section) affraid
  • Master the Constitutional provisions related to Remedial Law (marami po iyon)
  • Master also the rules on Barangay Concilliation, the rules on summary procedure, rules on small claims, the rules on environmental procedure, among others.
  • Jurisdiction of courts: be prepared to be asked not only the law, but also its subsequent amendments (he expects you to know the specific numbers). Example: Sandiganbayan (PD 1606, EO 184 s. 1987, RA 7975, RA 8249, RA 10660). pale
  • Master the remedies (including the basis).
  • He will pass you if he feels that you are ready.  Cool

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Arresto Menor
He was also my professor in Civil Procedure and Remedial Law 1.

I agree with what lefever said. In addition, don't be absent. Also, I think, it's just a matter of making an impression. Be confident in answering. But as always, it pays to know the Rules.

Here are some of his favorite areas:
*Jurisdiction of various courts
*Constitutional provisions in relation to Remedial Law (ex. Art III Sec 9, in Relation to Rule 67)
*Barangay Conciliation
*Small Claims
*Summary Procedure
*Rules on Environmental Cases

Good luck! smash yo

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rorycarl dalmacio

Arresto Menor
Thanks a lot for the reminders .i could not have known it had i not read this reminders..thanks a lot sir.more power!

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Arresto Menor
rorycarl dalmacio wrote:Thanks a lot for the reminders .i could not have known it had i not read this reminders..thanks a lot sir.more power!

Dean Tan is your professor this sem? Smile

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Arresto Menor
I hope you get through him. He was my professor, too, in Civil Procedures and in Remedial Review. I would like to suggest that you know by heart the various remedies after remedies have failed. Oftentimes during the recitation, he would ask you, what will be your next remedy after your remedy has been denied until you reach the Supreme Court (or even the OP). Concentrate on the intricacies of civil procedure and you will be good to go.

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Arresto Menor
Hi any tips on dean tan's finals exam for civ pro? We are only 17 in the class and most of us got a score in the line of 20's (over 100). Two got a score in the line of 40's. Would there still be a chance in passing his class if we make it up in his finals given that some got a score 25 and below?

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