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I was humiliated!!..

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1 I was humiliated!!.. on Sat Oct 03, 2015 1:42 pm


Arresto Menor

Ask ko lang po kung yung ginawa skin eh pwedeng i-consider as “Serious insult by the employer or his representative on the honor and person of the employee”. Here are the events:

• Last Sept. 3, 2015 I was called by the HR Manager along with one more HR staff sa conference room.
• She started the conversation to ask me if I brought a gun sa building from the 4th floor car park since according to them “they saw me on the CCTV of removing it and putting it inside my bag.
• I admitted that I did, sabi ko from the 4th floor parking wala naka lagay na i-surender sa guard ang firearm (FA).
• What I have omitted on that is the fact that I have asked our company guard on the entrance of the parking if I have to surrender my FA.
• He replied that I can simply keep it since no one is going to ask me nor frisk me.
• There was another guard who served as a witness when I asked the question.
• The other guard is not our company guard, but the in-house building guard.
• I have decided to leave out his name since I realized that he will have difficulty in finding a job if incase he is fired from his job.
• I, on the other hand, can easily find another job the next day since I am in the BPO industry and holds a Customer Advocate Supervisor position.
• The entire conversation lasted between 15-20 minutes and it was very cordial.
• They even both gave an inclination to me as if they wanted to a team building affair to learn how to shoot.
• I informed them that my Gun Club (Foren) will be honored to assist them and could even arrange the entire shooting range for themselves because the owner is also a member.
• After which I have approached my immediate supervisor and updated her on the incident and have agreed with my decision not to involve the guard in the matter.
• The next day 3 minutes before my shift was over I received another call from the HR Manager and was asked to meet her at her station.
• She handed me the incident Report (IR) and was asked to explain myself, so I did.
• Upon asking her when would I receive the verdict since I am quite sure of being fired.
• She replied that they still need to deliberate on it.
• I followed-up the matter numerous times as to the verdict since at that point I have accepted the fact that there was an oversight from my part and would surely be asked to leave the company.
• 3 weeks passed and still no update.
• I had sleepless nights wondering and 2nd guessing what will be the outcome the next day.
• You have to understand that my wife is 8 months pregnant with our first child and the fate of our future hangs in the balance.
• I approached my TL again and asked her to give me a figure  on my chances with regards to the management’s decision.
• She replied in a heart beat “75%” and I asked him about what. She replied on dismissal.
• With that in mind, we have decided to submit my resignation so that I can go on with my life.
• On the 30th September, I did just that and I had a private conversation with my TL and right after that with the Production Manager (PM).
• I was in the process of handing over my task to my peers and it just happened that Steve Kaay - VP of Contact Center Operations (the highest ranking management in the country) is walking towards the aisle behind me with the PM.
• I stood up, reached out to shake his hand and to thank him and the company for the 3 years of employment with the company.
• Even before I could finish my statement he interrupted me and asked “Raul, from the way you talk as if you are leaving the company”.
• I replied; “Yes, Steve you are right and in fact this is my last day” with a big smile on my face.
• He said. “No you are not, we need you and we have invested 3 years in you! You’re not a “knuckle head” or something?” and he asked me what happened.
• I looked at the Production Manager and I said to him “help me out here, ” he just  smiled, so I took it upon me to tell Steve the story.
• After the story he looked at PM and asked is that’s a ”sackable offense”. The PM replied it is and I followed up by saying it is mentioned in our employees guidelines and rules.
• Steve replied with authority and said, “No! I don’t think so!”.
• And I said, “Steve, because of my shortcomings the people around me, good people is also suffering (I was referring to our incentives since it is based on a group performance).
• He replied, “You sit do your job and work on your stats” and left.
• I was so happy and so proud that the highest ranking person in the office speaks so highly of my contribution to the company!
• The very next day, my TL asked me to meet her in the conference room.
• She informed me in a very sad voice that as per HR Department - “I need to write a letter retracting my resignation and approach the PM’s for approval”.
• She continued in saying that “The only thing that changed is that the termination is no longer on the table and other than that everything can happen”.
• I asked if I will be demoted to an agent and she replied yes, Will, I also be suspended and she said that is also a possibility. Right after that she warned me that I might lose my log-in access.
• I was shocked, disappointed and confused! I asked her why should I retrieve my resignation when in fact – I did not! Why should I ask PM’s approval? They are not the ones that convinced me to stay!
• I can’t help but to state that they are playing with my feelings and that I was “played upon, duped, humiliated and manipulated!!..”
• Before my shift was over yesterday I loss my access to phone, emails, time clock and everything else that I require for my task.
• Today, I was on the floor walk the entire day and felt helpless as if I am a total stranger roaming the production floor.
• As I write this to you, I have not received an update on the plans they have for me in the company and was instructed to wait it out until Monday.
• Looking back in my current situation, I am back where I started almost 4 weeks ago!

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