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expenses i need to consider when importing clothes?

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Arresto Menor
Hello. If i am buying millions of clothes(plain t-shirt) abroad to be imported in the philippines, what are the taxes i need to consider? how do i compute them? are there tax exemptions for clothes? Thanks for the replies!

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Reclusion Perpetua
Besides the obvious buying and transports, in the custom you will have to pay at least:
/VAT (12 % of the buy price plus the transport cost to the Philippines.)
/Custom fee. This is EXTRA HIGH to protect Philippine clothes manufactoring. There is a calculator somewhere at Internet, but I don't know where. I suppouse somewhere at the Custom page.

I wrote "at least" because
I haven't had anything going through the custom myself, so I don't know what's true, but many importers - and exporters - are frustrated at the custom, saying things as the custom demand
/redicilous custom fees for some old used items counting the value as new,
/bribes to let things through at all,
/one exporter didn't get his export container through, the custom said something was missing in the documents. When he solved that, then the custom said something else was missing. When he solved that, then the custom said something else was missing. And so on... I haven't heared how it ended, but I believe he went bankruptcy...
/delay leting things thtough both in and out and for that time they demand very high storage fees!!!...

One person said they had told him he have to get a broker - which of course cost - to get a box with his PRIVATE things through the custom when he moved to the Philippines. The custom asked him for fees as high as the total value of the things!!! If there weren't private memory things in the box, he would have skiped it. I have heared more such stories from private persons, custom people ask redicilous high fees, so the person chose to leave it - so the custom people can take them for themselves...

This is very bad for the Philippines, because it can make foreign companies chose to start business in some OTHER country instead. And Filipino companies can go bankruptcy by this, so the Philippines lose the jobs in these businesses too...
(I have skiped one of my business ideas myself, which would have added a bunch of jobs for Filipinos, because it would go bankruptcy if the custom don't let the first export container through as they are suppoused to, so I will NOT take such risk depending of the custom. It was a rather big investment, which I had found foreign investors to cover the big part I can't finance myself, but because of the custom, I can't recomend this investment, which would be profitable enough otherwice to EXBAND within a year...)

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