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Need help: my ex bf used my name to steal money

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Arresto Menor
He used the money he was supposed to lend with interest for gambling.
He takes money from my bag without my permission
He stole money from my room.
He drained my atm card.
He used my name to borrow money from another person without any intention to pay
He keeps promising to pay but its been 2 years now and he hasnt paid a centavo.
He blocked me on fb.

I really need help as i couldnt sleep or eat properly anymore because of this. What can i do? Sad is there anything i can do? Please i really need some advice. Sad or is there nothing i could do?

More detailed Story:
From 2012 to 2013, my ex bf offered that i lend money to his coworkers with interest. Weekly/monthly he will ask 10k 15k 20k from me because coworker A is sick, coworker B needs for rent, etc etc. Then one day, i have nothing to lend anymore and he gets furious at mw saying i dont love him anymore thats why im not giving money but i have nothing to give anymore. Then everytime we go out, I will notice that my money from my bag is missing around 1k everytime more than 10x. I keep telling him that he just needs to ask permission and i will lend him 1k, but he never did. I also lost my atm for a few months, then i found out it was with him. He drained the money from my account. He kept saying he will pay me etc etc.

One day he paid me back 50k in cash. Then that night he visited my house saying he needs to use the restroom. My room is beside the restroom. My brother saw him leaving my room with a shock looked on his face. He wasnt expecting anyone to see him go in or out of my room. My other brother was in the bathroom taking a bath therefore he couldnt use it. I didnt find out that money was missing since i was in the living room when that happened. The next day, i panicked and told my mom that my money was missing as our maid was taking a day off. But then I called him and he said he was thw one who took the money. He cursed at me when he found out I told my mom. But i didnt do anything wrong. Sad then i found out that he also took the key of my drawer and my atm card (i am stupid i gave him the pin) i lost about 150k that day. He promised to pay me and I trusted him sunce he did pay me back 50k although he did steal it back that night.

Two years past now its 2015. Every month since Jan 2014, he keeps promising to pay 10k, 5k at the end of the month. Then when the time comes to pay he has many excuses. His mom is in the hospital, their motorcycle broke. He still had the audacity to lie about being in the hospital and he is dying since a car hit him just so i would send money to him. Of course i didnt give him money since i dont have anymore and i decided to inform his mom. I was so worried then his mom didnt seem worried. Im thinking what kind of mom is this when her son is in the hospital. Then i found out it was all a lie.

One day as i was looking at my fb blocked list, i noticed that one girl he was friends with was blocked. I dont remember blocking her (he knows my password) therefore i decided to unblock her. Then she began messaging me demanding her money! She said that my ex borrowed money from her since I need money! This is a different level of borrowing/stealing! Its one thing to borrow from me and not pay me back and another to use my name when i have nothing to do with what he is borrowing! She said that she was not the only one he owes money from. I know he owes his previous ex gf money too.

Now he blocked me on his fb like he did to his friend, who harrassed me but eventually stopped when she realized i was telling the truth. She said that the money he borrowed from me to lend to his coworkers, my ex used to gamble. She knows because he told her before. She didnt expect him to steal from her since he tells her what he's doing to me.

Oct 1, 2015 he tried to borrow money again for lending. I told him i have no money then he said its impossible since i always have money. I am very hurt by this incident. And his parents are not doing anything to help me when they used to be nice to me. They are all avoiding me Sad

I also bought him a water station for 300k in 2013. The business name of the station is my name but the registration is under his name. The water station is still operational and doing quite well. Thats why i dont understand why he cant pay me. To the point that I am only asking 1k just because i wanted to see him at least show me an effort that he wants to pay although he wouldny be able to pay it in his lifetime. But even one peso he is not paying me back.

I really need help as i couldnt sleep or eat properly anymore because of this. What can i do? Sad is there anything i can do? Please i really need some advice. Sad or is there nothing i could do?

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