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Car Acccident 3-Way

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1 Car Acccident 3-Way on Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:49 am


Arresto Menor
I had a three way accident few weeks ago. The story goes like this...while waiting next in line to pay for the toll fee in the toll plaza, a sudden impact was felt at the back of my car by a rushing SUV, in which had a chain reaction that I also hit the back part of the car (a Van) in front of me (in short I was sandwiched). So we went to the police to clear things out, in the end we all three agreed in papers (composed by myself and the car that I bumped into) that the car who hit me will pay for everything (just to let you know that Out of the three cars, I was the only one who has an Insurance, the other two did not), and just in case the person who hit me doesn't pay the car infront of me, I will shoulder it. So worst scenario happened already, the person whom should shoulder everything is incredibly hard to talk and making excuses why delay of payments of happening (just to let you know also, initially the person whom is responsible for the accident initially payed 20,000.00 already and is received by the person I bumped..then after initial payments he is making excuses as discussed above). Also in addition to this, since delay of payments have been happening already, the car that I bumped into already entered his car in Casa for repairs without letting me know, since he is too excited to make his cars repaired (take note I have insurance, so I have the right to know what should be the repairs and he should notify me that he will be entering his car for repairs already...but he did not). So now the car I hit, is forcing me to pay him already (but I insist that he should have let me known that he will be making his repairs , since I have insurance).

As per advise from Insurance, I need not to worry or pay him since It wasn't my fault at first and he should have told me that he will enter his car for repairs already. (Take note that the person i hit received cash of 20,000.00 already,,but now he is claiming from me since he can't get money already from the person who initiaed the accident).

May I ask if in case the person (which may happen) I bumped into filed a case against me to force him pay cash, what are the chances that I will win the case?

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2 Re: Car Acccident 3-Way on Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:49 pm

tsi ming choi

Reclusion Perpetua
You will win because the person ultimately liable is the insurance company of the SUV and in case the amount to be claim exceed from the policy, the owner of SUV is personally liable. You have no personal liablity.

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