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infidelity proof

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1 infidelity proof on Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:40 am


Arresto Menor
hi, everyone! i am naled, 12 years married now with two sons, 11 and 9.

last november, my wife "rescued" a drunk, stranded acquaintance stuck in manila. he is a foreigner. he was sent to a local hospital here in laguna where i live in a small 1 bedroom apartment. detox took 4 days. with no money on his pocket, me and my wife had to take him in. he regained his health in a weeks time in large part to generous amount of food.

we provided him with the lone bedroom while the rest of the family sleep on the sala floor. and he had nearly exclusive use of our main laptop plus wifi service. he was facilitating money transfer from home.

but later on i discovered him visiting porn sites. i got anxious and told my wife so. i started leaving a cellphone voice recorder on whenever i have to drive and pick up the kids in school. the recordings were so bad but i tried enhancing them.

there was one that i thought i heard moanings but not conclusive for what i had in mind. my wife and i were already arguing as i hinted at my observations that are off the normals in our everyday life.

a month from the first day he came here, he had to leave for manila for visa extension and head home to his province to check his kids for the holidays. the night before his departure, i left my recorder on. due to tiredness, i slept ahead of my wife besides me still online with the laptop.

after he was gone, i checked the recorded audio which was 4 hours long. i heard hushed conversations, and faint noises. when enhanced, i concluded they were having sex.

i confronted her calmly at first, but she denied my accusations. arguments came up every now and then, all throughout the holidays and today.

i do not have to describe my emotions all throughout this ordeal. my deal with my wife is, admit to it, repent, and i will forgive and forget. the kids are central. and i love her dearly.

but love is turning to hate. i cannot live on lies. hence, i am contemplating legal action.

dear readers, i posted this for legal advice. please help me. i am at my wits end.

thank you.

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2 Re: infidelity proof on Mon Jan 04, 2016 10:33 am


Arresto Menor
I would suggest, Why not installing hidden camera in your house. or to the area you think they do it. Just a suggestion I dont know if its admissible in court or not. But This I think might help you...a bit. a recorder wouldnt do much as you have said were so bad. i am not a lawyer nor a law student, but a hidden camera would be a good evidence, undeniably good and much better than a recorder, then present and show the video to a lawyer. NOT me, i am a nurse Smile

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