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My father left us for another woman and now he is giving us financial problems

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My father have always been committing adultery since I was a child. Last 2014, he left us for good with his new woman/affair. My mom holds the atm where his salary is deposited. My mom gives him the 30 percent of his money and the 70 percent is used for my tuition and my brother's, since it is only the two of us who are studying. Although I have two other older sisters who also helps us financially with the mortgage and bills in our home. The money that we get for my father's salary is used in my and my brother's everyday needs such as food, housing, etc. My mother doesn't have a work but she engaged in a food business when my dad left. The owner of the said business met my mom and they fell in love. In present, my mom has a relationship with this guy who is also helping us financially by paying the monthly rent for the apartment we are staying in. Our house, which we are still paying for, is not used for whatever and is left alone to rot. It was not a happy place anymore for us so we decided to just live at an apartment. My dad, on the other hand, has ended his relationship with his girlfriend. So, it looks like my mom is the one who is having an affair but in reality, their relationship started after my dad left. Our problem now is my father deactivated the atm card where his salary is deposited and told us that he will still be giving us our percentage. But our concern is that all of his other benefits, like bonuses or overtime work pay, will not be accounted for. Note, that my tuition, my brother's tuition, my housing rent, my food, my brother's food, our expenses in school (my brother is studying engineering and it is very costly), the monthly mortgage in our house which is 8000, and our other payments in loans will be coming from the 70 percent (approximately ranging from 8400 to 21000 depending on his work hours) that he will give us. How can we possibly pay for all our needs? Money is only one of the issues here. He told my mom that the money is for his children. What about my mom? She quit her job when i was born because my father told her to. Who is going to support her now? We need advice. We would ask this and report this to the authority but we don't have the means to pay for that. So for now, we just need to gather all of our possible points against my dad.

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Reclusion Perpetua
Have you tried seeking help from nearby PAO at your place? IBP? Or have you asked free legal aid from colleges of law like UP or San Beda?

I could not be so sure but your mom could have filed legal case that time against your father when he had his concubine issue. Father could be yet liable for that action. Ask your attorney.

Way I see it now, your mother having an relationship outside her marriage can be challenged by your father in court for adultery case as long as father can prove it in court. The lower penalty might be applicable because of cause of action by the mother during the abandonment That is, if father's evidence is proven in court.

And mother leaving the conjugal house or marriage dwelling place could be used by your father as a legal or immoral obstacle on providing spousal support. I could be wrong on this. Ask legal advise from your attorney.

Common children should receive regular financial support covering expenses for dwelling, clothing, education, meds/hosp, transportation and food. If there was none, mother could file a case against your father for non-support.

Common support is based on capacity to provide and the capacity of common kids to survive.

Get legal advise and seek an attorney that could help you further.

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