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Attorney and Police Problems

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1 Attorney and Police Problems on Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:36 am

Father Odin

Arresto Menor
I am requesting anyone who has knowledge or can advise me about problems I had with my Attorney and Police.

I will catalogue the events in date order :

This took place in CDeO city Hall as Hall of justice is being reconstructed after fire

(Atty never gave his cp number to us)

31 Jan 2016 - Went to visit my son at his mothers home. She called the police and reported me for harassment. The police arrived and told me to go to the police station in my waiting taxi (which I did). The 2 officers gave a lift to the mother and her mother ...I was made to sit in the police station in front of the 2 complainants while the mother and her mother blottered me for R.A. 9262 (Psychological Abuse) and Grave Threats (unfounded). I was then informed by a police officer I was being detained and put into a police cell. I then asked my 17 yr old helper by text to contact an Attorney I knew and to ask him to come to the police station. She did this and he stated he would not go to the police station as it was "too far" - He had accepted the "case" before this

01 Feb - Still in jail - I was taken to City Hall in handcuffs with police and there I met my Attorney who instantly asked for appearance money without even asking what had happened (he did not ask the whole time of this saga) - The complainants filed their cases, my attorney never questioned anything, just sat talking with people he knew in City Hall ... I was then taken back to the police jail, my attorney did not accompany me or visit or even ask the police for any information

02 Feb - Back to City Hall from police jail where the Fiscal read the charge of the 9262, my attorney was sat talking to friends during this process, at this point, the complainant stated she would dismiss the case if an Affidavit of Resistance was signed which I agreed ... My attorney then went with his secretary and the complainant to an internet cafe and proceeded to make the Affidavit of Resistance which was duly returned and signed by complainant and myself. The Attorney disappeared and after a search he was found in an office sleeping even though he had taken appearance money and was needed by the City Prosecutor. I was then returned to police jail. I asked my Attorney what was happening and his reply was "Just do as your told by the police"

03 Feb - Taken from police jail back to City Hall to be read the charge for Grave Threats which was duly done by the Fiscal (will be dismissed for an apology later this month) - I asked YET AGAIN to my Attorney what was happening, he replied "where is my appearance money?". After paying him, he then stated we were going to get me bailed for the 2 charges. I duly paid the bail for Grave threats and was told all was in order. The receipt was written in his name not mine without my knowledge as he had never shown me any papers reference my cases and never answered when I asked what was happening. I was then informed it was too late in the day to pay the 9262 bail and I would have to go back the day after. I was returned to police jail

04 Feb - 8.30 AM - I was again taken to City Hall by the police to pay the bail for 9262. My attorney appeared 2 hours late with no apology or reason, ignored me until I gave him my bail money. He then informed me I would have to go into City Jail as a new law pertaining to 9262 stated even bail is paid, the accused must be placed in city jail to be released in order to get a "Certificate of Release" from the city jail. Attorney PROMISED I would be in City Jail a maximum of 4 hours and not to worry - My case was being "raffled" at 3pm that afternoon. The police officer and myself decided to go to the city jail early to save time on medicals and paperwork. This was at 1PM. My attorney was already "missing" and we assumed he was paying the bail. My helper accompanied me to the City Jail to return with my belongings I was not allowed. She went back to City Hall with a "Certificate of Detention" to prove I had been placed in jail. She found my Attorney and gave all papers to him at 3PM. My case had already been read. The Attorney then said he would go and pay the bail and be my Bondsman. After paying the bail, he received Order of Release to be handed to City Jail. This was 4PM. He then told my 17 yr old helper to take all the necessary papers back to city Jail to get me released as it was "TOO FAR" for him to go (it is 40 mins in a taxi, however he has a car / driver). She duly went to city Jail in a taxi and arrived at 4.45PM. All papers were brought to me and signed in my cell, then returned to her. She was told as it was already 4.50PM there was no time to get the papers signed by City Hall personnel and returned before 5PM to get my release. She was also informed by City Jail staff that she should not be doing this due to her being under age. My Attorney was also informed of this fact (and should actually have known) ..

Due to all this I spent the night in City Jail on 04 Feb. A member of City Jail staff informed my helper she should not go back as she was not of legal age to enter the Jail. She informed Atty family of this and stated the Atty should be the one to go (text remained unanswered)

05 Feb - Helper returned to City Hall to meet my Attorney who DID NOT APPEAR .. She got all papers signed and was given the Order of Release. STILL NO ATTORNEY even though she had text members of his family with no replies  - She then returned yet again to City Jail with all documents needed for my release. She was informed by staff that she was not allowed in to get my release, however after explaining the situation to them, they escorted her to the Main Office and the staff processed my release. I was duly released at 11AM

I then found out my Atty cp number and text him as to why happened what happened. He replied he worked "non stop" for 5 (FIVE) days to get my release order - Impossible, I  was home on the 5th day

He stated he would swear on oath he worked for those 5 days and would call my helper as a witness to this if necessary

I questioned him as to why he let a 17 yr old deal with important papers he should have dealt with as my assigned Atty knowing she was a minor - He replied "Be careful or you will find yourself back in jail under the conditions of the 9262"

I again questioned him, he replied "U are very ignorant. U do not know what u are talking about. You can be charged for pedophile and molesting minor" and "One of these days you will find yourself handcuffed for molesting a minor, and land in jail again"

I asked him had he any proof of his allegations, he ignored my text. however when I asked him was any money owed, he instantly replied with "21,000 pesos"

I since got a new Atty

Please anyone, give me sound advise as to what I can do about this Attorney

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2 Re: Attorney and Police Problems on Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:51 am

Father Odin

Arresto Menor
Also forgot to state, there is no written contract between the Attorney and myself. does that make a difference ?

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