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Many questions regarding a bad wife , illegitimate children and more

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Arresto Menor
I was married for about 4 years to a Filipina.  (married in the philippines

We have a son together that is 3 and 1/2 years old.  After this we separated and she got pregnant by another man and had a child by another man.

She took my son, and disappeared for over 6 months. Hiding, eventually the police and DSWD found her but took no action. They made her sign an agreement with DSWD which she does not follow. She doesnt allow me to speak to the child by phone, on video, changes address constantly. DSWD claim nothing they can do.

Her and the filipino guy both have no jobs

My questions are the following.

1. What can i do to get custody of my son, showing my wifes psychological issues such as disappearing with my son,(kidnapping him) having a child by another man (Adultery ) and more?

2. DSWD advised i was not allowed to take my son back home to my apartment, or even to visit my sons grandmother and my wifes extended family. Is that legal? it seems so insane that it can't be true? is it?

3. What rights does a husband have over the illegitimate child? What obligations do i have to that child? I never signed any Birth certificate.

4  My wife signed an agreement with a lawyer that says we are to have shared custody and shared visitation, but she doesnt follow that agreement, we can do ? How can i enforce a signed agreement/contract?

5. Im told I'm not "allowed" to even take my son to stay with me. Can that be true? it seems insane, and anti male/ anti father, to cause such psychological abuse to a child by preventing the child from being with the father.

6. If i take my child without my wifes permission would anything happen legally? She has done so many times to me, nothing happens to her legally at all. She defies all DSWD orders, defies all signed papers.

7. If my wife is charged with Adultery, what happens to my son and the Illegitimate child? What will happen to her? What happens over all?

Or am i being told lies?

My son is suffering,  The wife and her boyfriend constantly death threat me  , and destroy the relationship with my son.

What can i do?  Does the father have any rights in the philippines? Or do the women just do whatever horrible things they want and get away with it?

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Arresto Mayor
As what I know/read, you share custody of your legal son. You can claim sole custody for the legitimate child based on the grounds you have stated (I think you have a strong case). Regarding the illegitimate child, check which surname was used. She may have used yours even without your consent since your married and the child will be regarded in the law as your legal child. I don't know if you can get the birth certificate legally without court order. You have to contest the child's legitimacy.

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Arresto Menor
Can anyone recommend any lawyers in Olongapo City (near Subic) that can handle this? Thanks

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Arresto Menor
I need a good lawyer can anyone help or recommend? My son is suffering please help

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Reclusion Perpetua
I suggest personally going to the Public Attorney's Office to get a referral. I mean they know private lawyers with good track records, then when you have a name, check it on the Integrated Bar of the Phils website. Good luck

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