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Can i sue my husband's other woman for causing me stress emotionally and physically?

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Mrs. Hitchhiker

Arresto Menor
My husband is a retired US military and currently work a a mariner and his ship was stationed to Singapore for repair  leave the dock then comeback again. Until he meet this woman that according to him was working as a housekeeper during the day to the hotel he was staying while the ship is under repair then at night she work a a bar . She had a daughter according to my husband to another married guy in the Philippines.  That was 2011 . I thought the relationship is only friendship but when my husband came home for vacation here in Hawaii where we stayed I caught him chatting on the computer and the other person calling him Papa and my husband calling her daughter . He forgot to log off that is why i saw it. I was shocked and call him to ask if  he had a child outside our marriage and he said no and that person he's talking to was the daughter of the woman he was mentioned before. I ask him frankly if he was having an affair to the mother of the child and he said no and that he get attach to the child since he baby sit her when the mother is working . I have a feeling that there was something going on. but he promised that he will not talk to her anymore . Although i did not believe him but i don't have a choice but to pretend that i trust his word. When he came home  last new year I had a chance to check his belongings and i found a picture of him and the mother of the daughter  wearing a couple t-shirt  so sweet . my husband was hugging him on the picture . I called my husband and ask him but he denied saying he don't know the woman and that only a picture . I did not believe him anymore them i found this few sim cards  he's been using to text  and call her . I felt so betrayed  was so mad and ask him for divorce but he said no. We tried to fix our problem but we ended up always fighting saying he ended the relationship long time ago . Now i was really upset because he never admitted having an affair to the woman then all of a sudden telling me he ended it.  Then  i check his laptop history and found out the daughter's name and also the mother's name  . He was searching them  so i check it and found out there was a little girl picture post on the woman's sister facebook account. When i saw that picture i  felt a strong butterfly in my stomach and in my mind that baby girl must be my husband's child from the woman. I ask my husband and of course he denied it as usua. Then i found out that his taking  certain amount of money on his salary before it directly deposited to our joint savings account . That amount is under deductions . There is time the amount is changed to a huge amount . A woman intuition is very strong that he's giving a child support that is why sometimes he deposit little money . But he never admitted to all my questions nor deny it.  I'm very sure that he fathered that little girl and try to hide it from me for quit a while. I only know the woman's name and her location where he live there in the Philippines but no exact address and i also have their pictures and the baby's picture. I tried to contact the woman's sister on facebook and introduce myself that i'm the legal wife of the man on the picture together with her sister . Instead she block me and changed her facebook setting to private. But it's a good thing i got a chance to get some pictures of them. I want to sue the woman . I know she only wants my husband's money because how can you open your legs to a guy without knowing him first if he was available instead she open her legs right away and let herself pregnant so she can get a support. what of case  is entitled for this woman for  trying to destroy our marriage. Please help me and if i need more proof or evidence where can i get a birth certificate of the child  to see if she is carrying my husband's surname. Our kids were hurt when they learned it. they cannot accept the fact just in case that  my husband cheat on me and fathered a child also. Please help me . I need thorough advise. I only want that woman to get punished so that she cannot victimized anymore married men out of money and ruined their marriage ?  thank you in advance.

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