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Wrongfully Accused of qualified Theft

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1 Wrongfully Accused of qualified Theft on Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:19 pm


Arresto Menor

My sibling was hired as a mechanical engineer of a "mining company". Because the place is far from our house most of the times he would stay in the compound for the week and  go home during the weekends. Apart from him other employees and their families also stay in the compound. The company though a mining firm entered a deal with the government to supply locks and keys and pens  some of which where stored on the said compound. For some reason the company failed to deliver certain portions of the supplies and as an escape the company accused its employees of qualified theft. The amount if I am not mistaken would be around 9 million for the alleged stolen goods. There were no witnesses to the actual theft, no cctv footages, no recovered goods. The suspicion of the employees is that they are being used as an escape by the owner to explain its inability to deliver the goods. Other employees even say that there are no unaccounted items but the delivery was just plainly short.
This happened more than 5 years ago. We cooperated with the investigation including the NBI and we were surprised to learn that there was already a warrant of arrest as we did not even receive a subpoena from the court. My brother's line of work is in the mining operations and not with the deal his boss entered with the government. His only mistake is to stay on the same compound where the items where stored. Because my brother is innocent for a non-bailable offense, and knowing the justice system here he just decided to hide and let things cool off. This has destroyed his life, his career. I want to get him a lawyer. Question is given the time that it has elapse is there a chance that he be granted for bail and face the charges and clear his name once and for all. Can we charge the owner at the same time for the damage it has caused us. Pls. do not lecture us any more as to what we should have done before, as we are still too young then with no capacity to fight squarely against what people say is a very evil man. We have sought the help of politicians and the PAO in the province before to no avail. So what I am looking for is a trustworthy lawyer who will help us but not charge us exorbitant fees ( we come from a poor family and we are first generation to graduate college - technically I will be the only one to pay since my brother can't practice his profession because of this.) Thank you very much!

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