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1 Redundancy on Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:08 pm


Arresto Menor

I am working as a Manager for an international Call Center company based in Manila for almost 5 years now. I am being redundiated by the company I am working for because I have been in bench status for 3 months now. I am based in our Manila office.

In December 2015, my manager spoke to me for a promotion to s senior manager however I would need to relocate to Cebu. The reason behind is that there's no growth opportunity in the Manila Office. Because understanding the business needs, I agreed with the premise that the compensation should be considered as it requires me to relocate.

Mid-December of the same year, a new senior Manager was brought in from a different process. My boss have opened an IJP for this Manager to be promoted and transferred to the same process I am in.

January to February 2016, my boss has been pushing me and consistently making a follow up regarding the completion of my booking requirements for my relocation. However, since the compensation and new contract has not been discussed yet as of that time, I have not complied in completing the relocation requirements.

Last week of February the discussion re: annual appraisal came, which includes my promotion compensation however the paper does not indicate anything about transferring to Cebu. I was not satisfied with the compensation due to personal/family reasons thus I contested the salary and my boss advised he will have it discussed with his boss and our HR team.

3rd week of March, came and my boss have arranged a meeting with me to discuss the compensation. However, to my surprise, the meeting was with our HR team and our company Lawyer. I was not granted the change in salary and has been placed in floating status. HR advised me that it was because I have "technically" declined the promotion since I did not agree with the salary package. During the conversation our HR personnel mentioned that they will provide me support and transfer me to another business unit.

April-June second week, I have applied for 3 different positions within the company however was not able to get the position and still am in floating status.

The HR Personnel and her Manager have advised me that my next option is to take the severance package they are offering which is higher than that is required by the law else the company will decide and I will be separated due to redundancy with just the minimum amount required by the law.

All the conversation from December to June were all verbal and of no documentation. Except for the email exchanges and the annual appraisal paper given to me.

Is this a proper? I feel that something is wrong.

Need a legal based advise if I should take the severance pay or what to do.

Thank you.

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2 Re: Redundancy on Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:44 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
I agree with your HR, if it is already higher than what is mandated by law you might as well take it. They are within their rights to remove you for redundancy as long as they go thru the process. What is holding you back? Baka we can address those issues?

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3 Re: Redundancy on Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:58 pm


Arresto Menor
What's holding me back is the thought that the process might have not been done right. No documentations no papers signed.

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4 Re: Redundancy on Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:25 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
oh they haven't gone through the process yet for redundancy. They are allowed to put you on floating status for 6months before a) they need to hire you back or b:) you will be constructively dismissed. If you dont accept their offer thats when they will go through the process of terminating you thru redundancy. No process yet kasi they are waiting for you to accept offer or not.

(these assumptions are based on the details you have divulged)

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