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Unpaid Debt from a Borrowing made 3 Years ago..

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Arresto Menor
Dear Sir or Madam.

I registered on your website to seek a legal advice.  

It was from November 2013 when my sister-in-law came to me to ask for financial assistance in behalf of his ailing uncle that was having heart issues at that time and a surgery is what’s needed to save his life. Back then, they were having difficulty in obtaining a financing loan to various lenders in the area.  This is mainly due to high interest rates offered by these lenders.  Ended up, they came to me for we charge a reasonable rate compared to others.  I called my fiancée in US and asked her opinion if we can lend them the money. With no second thoughts, we lent the money as a generous act for an ill person. We came up with a piece of paper, have it notarized to ensure that we have some sort of protection.   We indicated on the paper details such as the names of the borrower and co-borrowers, the principal amount of $150K and interest rate of 10% per month (which is the normal financing rate in our province) along with the title of their property used as collateral for the obligation. They were consistent in paying the interest in the first four months but after that they became delinquent.  I’ve been calling the daughter, following up on the wife and the son and even to the uncle who had surgery but they always said: “Will pay you” many, many, many times but it never happened.   In short, there are so many excuses and alibis they were telling me until one, two and now going three years that they have not settled the principal along with the interest.  Until one day, they came to me to get the original copy of the property title because they need it to obtain a loan from pag-ibig fund.  With so much trust with them that they will pay me back, here I am, gave them the property title but make another written agreement that once the loan has been approved, a partial payment of php 150K will be paid and the remainder to follow.   But after that, they just vanished in thin air.  They didn’t even call me to give me status of the loan until one day I went to their place and their house is under construction.  The four corners of the house were up which that means to me that loan has been approved.  

Feeling very frustrated about the situation, we decided to file a case to this family. They did not treat me right. I was there in their most difficult times but they don’t seem to care at all.  My only concern right now is to get the principal amount.  What specialization of legal service I can seek for? I don’t have a job right now to pay a private lawyer because that money is not mine, it’s my fiancée.  Are there any pro-bono lawyers I can seek assistance for?  How much attorney fees are involved on this? Can I go to pag-ibig fund office and let them know that the title of property used in as collateral has another legal obligation with me? Is it possible to get a hold on the construction process? How long the process will take if we pursue to file the case?  

It’s been a long wait and could not see any light on the other side of the rainbow.  Any legal response and assistance you can provide is very much appreciated.

As additional reference, the money that we provide them is a borrowed money that my fiancée is paying interest too, which is until now not paid yet.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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