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False accusations online and bashing

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1 False accusations online and bashing on Sat Jul 30, 2016 5:00 pm


Arresto Menor
Good day. I would like to know if I can file a complaint against a person who falsely accused my sister of being a scammer. She was just trying to find a buyer for a dog that I saw was being sold in a group chat. I was thinking of purhasing the dog and resell it. My sister used the pictures I saw in the group chat as a reference. She did not, in any way, indicate that the dog was hers. At this point, we were looking for potential buyers. If someone gets ineterested, then we will buy it. The next day, the owner of the dog pretended to inquire about the pomeranian and asked if the dog was still available. I asked the person selling it online and he said yes. Right when my sister told about the availability of the pet, she immediately sent her a message saying, "Scammer!". My sister was confused. This person is the owner. On our end, we told her that we were planning to buy the pet and resell it. The watermarks were visible and we did not edit it in any way, not even putting our own names in it. They were messaging privately as my sister was getting accused. I messaged the owner also stating that it was I, her sister, who asked her to look for buyers and told her to not blame her for what happened. The situation got out of hand the next day. We saw posts of the owner to different groups about my sister stating that she is a scammer. The post included pictures of her, her friends, her fb account and her calling card. The people who saw the post commented all kinds of shame on my sister. The owner replied to them and made fun of some of the statements they made to her. I messaged the owner privately at this point and told her that it was all a misunderstanding and that we did not "own" the pictures. I was merely trying to find a buyer so I can resell it once I purchase it. We had no bad intentions whatsoever. But she was too angry to have a conversation with. People were accusing us that we were going to scam people, like take their money and give out a different bred or not give anything at all. I ended not replying to her because she wouldn't even listen to what are intentions were. I posted publicly then on my facebook account to ask for the removal of the said allegations on my sister. The owner then posted our conversation publicly on different fb groups telling people that we are "manloloko" and that people should be aware of us. This was the breaking point at that time because my sister sells cars at a dealership and her credibility will be deeply affected. People swarmed over the owner's post telling all sorts of things. It was a scary situation seeing all the people's comments and how they would laugh about the matter. I was desperately asking the owner to remove all posts. But as of this moment, the post is still publicly viewable and my sister is still getting harrassed.

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2 possible answer? on Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:02 pm


Arresto Menor
have you tried filing the case via the cybercrime unit of the NBI? try asking help from there stating your case.

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3 Re: False accusations online and bashing on Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:10 pm


Arresto Menor
Of course you can sue her. Its clearly a cyber bullying act. Pls consult the NBI

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