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Annulment questions

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1 Annulment questions on Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:32 pm


Arresto Menor
My wife and I got married last March 19, 2016 in Singapore (she works there while I work here) and we have not yet filed our marriage here in the Philippines. I stayed there in Singapore with her from March 17 to April 16. I have already requested for our marriage certificate from Singapore and I should have it in a few weeks. I will be filing our marriage here in the Philippines once I have the marriage certificate because I do not want to end the relationship. We did not have a pre-nup.

We had a big argument a few months back and I didn't talk to her for about 3 months. This was from May 20 to the first half of August. The argument was due to her wearing an engagement ring that her previous boyfriend gave her. She lied to me at first even though I saw her wearing it but after a while, she sent me a letter (snail mail but I don't have it in hand as I tore it because of my anger at what she did) and admitted that she has been wearing that ring when I went back to the Philippines last April.

Around the last week of May 2016, she went back to the Philippines to try to talk to me. I was still angry at her and I did not want to talk to her. She went to my house and I told my mother not to let her in. Against what I said, my mother still let her inside the house and she tried to force entry into my room. I had to push her away by grabbing her arms and I forcefully took the key of my room from her when she grabbed it. She told me that she had bruises because of what I did but I did not have any intention to hurt her like that. I just did not want to talk to her at that time and she was trying to force her way in to my room.

I have been sending her messages (via email and Facebook chat) every now and then during the period between May 20 to the first half of August because she first posted in Facebook that she was pregnant. She admitted that it was not true. The next time I contacted her was when a common friend sent me a picture of her Facebook post saying that she went out on a date with another guy who is also married. I have a screenshot of this post of her date.

I forgave her for all of that and what she did before which caused our argument originally. Now that I am ready to talk to her to fix the relationship, she is now the one ignoring me even though I have tried multiple times to get in touch with her. She has been constantly berating me for not talking to her for such a long time. At one point, I even told her that I would tell Singapore Immigration that she submitted fake documents when she applied for permanent resident status. I admit that I did that and I sent an email to Singapore Immigration because I wanted her to go back to the Philippines to live with me. I was desperate to have her back. I even tried contacting her friends in Singapore but one of her friends was implying that my wife does not have any plans of trying to fix our marriage.

I know that a divorce processed in Singapore is not honored here in the Philippines.

If we proceed with filing an annulment here in the Philippines, will all our properties (acquired before the marriage) be split in half between us since we do not have a pre-nup? I have invested in insurance policies while she has 2 condo units. Does this only include real-estate or are investments in banks or insurance policies part of this as well? She is already leasing one of her condo units and I read somewhere that she has to get my consent to lease the unit because we don't have a pre-nup. Can I stop her from leasing her properties legally? Am I at risk of being filed with a case of blackmailing if I told her to stop leasing the condo unit since I have not given consent unless she would be willing to get back together with me?

Is her ignoring all my attempts at trying to get in touch and fix the marriage enough grounds to file an annulment here?

As for judicial separation of properties, how will her properties and my investment be handled?

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2 Re: Annulment questions on Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:50 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
I'm not a lawyer but as far as I know, assets acquired prior to marriage is not considered as conjugal property. You just have to prove this through court in case it will be contested as conjugal property.

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3 Re: Annulment questions on Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:12 am


Arresto Menor
Last month my wife informed me that she already filed an annulment and I have to wait for the court notice sign and that's I need to answer back the summon and appear on court? Or can I just sign and don't show up during the hearings

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4 Re: Annulment questions on Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:13 pm


Arresto Menor
pls support us its time to have a divorce in the philippines, please click the link

everyone deserve to be happy, to have a new life, to have a second chance,

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5 Re: Annulment questions on Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:07 am


Arresto Menor
just wait for notice from the court

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