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rights heirs of my dad

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1 rights heirs of my dad on Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:16 pm


Arresto Menor
good day atty. i ask legal advice about heirs of my dad from his deceased parents (3years ago up to now)

this is the story all about,my grandma own a parcel land in 2 diff. titles 1.) 3.1097 has of 2.) 1.6264 has agri. land situated in province known as coconut farm

my grandma remarried dad is eldest belongs to 1st husband of my grandma since his no read no write his not entitled to accept the SPA from my grandma after my grandma died last 3 years ago (way back 2009) the SPA given to the 3rd half siblings of my dad.

Problem entered my dad is bedridden , until now they never call any of the member of my dad,s family for a meeting about the heirs and properties of my grandma, and they keep the sales of income of coconut farm. yet i am calculated that they forget my dad as there siblings. Now i am realized for dad sake and his healthy .. we asking the shares of coconut income.

question :

1.) can i demand about the shares of my dad from coconut income? but how?

2.) can i process the 1.6264 land which own from my grandma & granddad heirs property? half siblings of my dad transfer this property into there own and hide and keep it from my dad , what is the possible action about this? this show only the 3.1097 has

2.) from 3.1097 has agri. land can we still ask the shares of my dad?

the 1st parcel land 1.6264 has. they hide from all family of my dad just few days we discovered it, the 2nd parcel land 3.1097 has they never had plan to give the shares unto my dad , instead they said all of the daughters and sons of my dad ask sorry and vow unto the half brothers of my dad ( in short they are my uncle and auntie)

thank you and i need your help to enlighten my mind about law process..

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2 Re: rights heirs of my dad on Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:43 am


Arresto Menor
What is the purpose of that SPA???

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3 Re: rights heirs of my dad on Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:49 am


Arresto Menor
Although the facts given is not that clear, It is my humble opinion that you can still claim the share of your dad by filing a settlement of the estate of a deceased person in the Regional Trial Court where your Grandma was residing during her lifetime....

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4 Re: rights heirs of my dad on Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:15 am


Arresto Menor
thank you for advice ...

inbehalf of my grandma she execute my uncle half brother of my dad to process all kind of documents. and as banker frm coconut income for 3 years now but he failure to give shares into my dad. among of the 6 siblings , only my dad never never received shares out of the coconut farm dunno whats the reason is. they not even call for meeting why and why is this happen. so as daughter of my bedridden dad i just ask whats is my possible take action about this , i know this is not really fair enough.

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5 Re: rights heirs of my dad on Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:38 am


Arresto Menor
i ask again po ..

i received a summons today february 22, 2011 title of the summons : threat, alarm and scandal immoral damages, unjust vexation, slender by dead

3 of my sisters received from a complaint girl in my province.. How we can self depense about this? and can we file a case into the court about this small case ? and what is it?

the complainant who give us summons had a debt to me around 5k and she is also guarantor to a certain 2 people that loan to me around 14k ..... how i am suppose to do for this matter ?

thank you and waited ur advice

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