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Married underage but with CENOMAR. Can we make it void? Please I'm praying to GOD someone please help us. :(

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Arresto Menor
Hello Sirs/Maams,

    I deeply need help. Can you by your kind heart answer me please. I have a girlfriend now and her story is this. When she was just 16 years old she was forced or she was convinced by her mother to marry a guy who is 21 years old back then. The wedding was a tribal wedding, she doesn't know what religion they are practicing, but she is certain that it was not a Christian wedding. Her mother insisted her to marry that guy though she doesn't fully love that guy. Only her mother and her younger sibling know what happened; at the party of the guy, neither his parents knew about the wedding, only his brother. She thought the marriage will be ok, but years passed and the relationship deteriorated. The treatment given to her by his husband was not good, like leaving her hungry for the whole day, even if she's pregnant, etc., the guy doesn't care if the baby is sick and just go on with her personal life as if she has no wife. She had been through a lot, not just on her husband, but his family and the surrounding people around her. The guy did not even have the balls to fight for her, that made her decide to desperately move away from him and move here in Manila. I met her, she told me everything and I will fight for her as long as I won't break GOD's 6th commandment. First, the marriage was held in a non-christian religion which she herself doesn't know. Second, she was just 16 years of age and still considered a child by the law. So I have the confidence that we will win this fight. I requested a CENOMAR and it arrived today, prayerfully we opened the document, but it says that she has a record.

Kind Sirs and Ma'ams, I'm asking for help because I want the marriage to be nullified. If she was underage then why is there a record of marriage, even if at the time of the marriage, she was just a minor (16 years old). Her life and her kid's life were ruined because of a decision she did not make. I accepted everything about her and I'm willing to fight for her. She wanted to be set free and I will help her. Please, please... Help us. What should we do? Thank you in advance Sirs and Ma'ams may GOD bless you all!

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Reclusion Perpetua
I don't know, but ask PAO.

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Arresto Mayor
Hire a lawyer as annulment has to be settled in court.

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Arresto Menor
The marriage is absolutely void.  This is not an annulment case.  It is a case for Declaration of Nullity, which means the marriage never existed.

In order to marry, you must get the court Declaration of Nullity.  For all other purposes, you can, and should, say you have never been married.  If you have been using they guy's last name, stop doing that.  Just start using your own family name.  You don't need any court authorization. Change any ID cards or other documents you have in the married name, to your own name.  If the clerks refuse, show them a printout of the Yasin case , G.R. No. 94986 February 23, 1995 (google it).

PAO must handle the case for you, if your income is under their guidelines.  But they don't always do what they are supposed to do, they might try to get rid of you.

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