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What is our legal right ?

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1 What is our legal right ? on Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:21 pm


Arresto Menor
A house and lot was bought by my mom's sister some 33 years ago when she visited my mom and learned that her sister including us were just renting a room. She bought house and lot which she instructed my mom to name it in her maiden name. Then she left for the state and then for 33 years without any agreement my mother was the one paying the taxes in good faith since we are the one living and enjoying the house and lot she bought. Sometime in 1990 when their mother died, her sister came home from the state and after the funeral she stayed her for almost two months for a vacation at the same time, and before she left since she has no more money, she told my mom to find where they can loan the property, and so they were able to loan it and the money of course was used by her sister.. Came the time for the loan to e paid, demand letters were sent to my mom , she then informed her sister hat its time for them to pay her sister simply told my mom she doesnt have the money to pay and that its up to my mother to saved the property in which my mother loaned through her GSIS as she is a government employee to save the property since we are the one living for 33 years and we love the property and we did everything for 33 years as real owners would do to their property. Thenthis 2017, since my moms sister married to an american whihc they dont have children of their own they decided to adopt two of her nieces, both daughters of her younger sisters and one of them is here and informing my mom that she wants the property because her mom (my mom's sister) gave it to her.
What are our rights? does my moms sister still has the right when she loaned it and did not even tried to saved it when it was due?and for 33 it was my mom who paid the yearly taxes and made sure that the property is well taken care of even had so many improvements to the house? we just want to know what can we do since nobody cares for 33 years and nobody tries to saved it when it was loaned and now they just want us out? I need some help on this Thank you

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2 Re: What is our legal right ? on Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:49 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
Technically speaking, you enjoyed the fruits of the property for 33 years without buying it, and now that the owner wants it, you don't want to give it back? Will you buy the property? Offer to buy it.

Or You can ask the owner/heir to pay for the improvements (if you leave), because you really do not have a hold on it since your mom's sister has heirs.

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3 Re: What is our legal right ? on Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:22 am


Arresto Mayor
I find it dishearten to hear case's like this where in, someone was blessed for so any years with free rent. And the less anyone would be expected to do is pay a simple tax. Which is only paid once a year, and surely wouldn't amount to the rent one might charge monthly for that same property. I would bless God and really be thankful that for 33yrs you have been allowed to live rent free and drama free. And now the owner/heir would like to claim their land has to deal with tenant's that don't want to leave ( squatters ) and the worst part is one would feel they have a right to stay. And as for the improvement's, those should either be taken with you.... i.e any wall's or gates you might have placed on land that didn't belong to you. or you can walk away and thank God for 33yr you were able to live a very good life. Due to the fact you never paid a peso for rent.

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