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Property rights - marriage, own and step child

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Arresto Menor
Hi! I have a couple of questions regarding property rights.

1. I have acquired a property before I got married, but I am still paying the loan for it till now. Will it be considered conjugal property?

2. My wife has a son before we got married, now we have our daughter. Those my step son has rights on my properties?

3. If I have a will to name my properties to my daughter, does my wife a control to change my will?

I am not being unfair to my step son but honestly I want to leave more than half for my daughter. I also just want to know my options as well.  Surprised

Thank you!

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Reclusion Perpetua
I hope someone else can answer better than I Smile

3. A will can't change more than 1/4 of the total assets.

IF it's conjugal and you die before your wife, your wife will get a bit more than half. And then your stepson will inherit WHOLE that when your wife die. (So for your daughter it's better if your wife die before you Smile

=If you die before your wife, your daughter will only get
/ without will 2/8
/with max will 3/8 = less than half.

If your wife die before you, your daughter will get 6/8 UNDEPENDING of if you write a will (if your wife haven't written any)..

1. If you believe you more likely will die before your wife, you can reduce the risk your daughter get litle by you and your wife ADOPT each other's children, because then your stepson will inherit you too, and your daughter will inherit your wife too. Then your daughter have better chance to get HALF, but it's risk your wife give a bit more by will to her son IF you die first and she write a will.
2. I don't know if it's possible to write a will TOGETHER, which your wife have NO right to change after you die. BUT if you bring up you want to give more than half to your daughter it can add risk she will try to give more to her son... Smile

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Arresto Menor
Thank you Lunkan for your reply. Very Happy

It's both our daughter, based on your explanation rightfully she gets half. but I would like to give some of my properties to her only. Very Happy

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