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1 FINANCIAL SUPPORT on Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:53 pm


Arresto Menor
Hi my name is Nathan and I have been married for about 5 years but we ended our relationship last year verbally. We have a 5 year old daughter. I am currently residing and working in Saudi Arabia as a Sales Associate. My salary is 30,000 a month with accommodations and food allowance. In spite of the situation my financial support to my ex wife and our daughter has never paused and is still on going, although because of the circumstances and changes to my financial capability I need to lessen my support to accommodate my other responsibilities. My ex wife has been threatening me, telling me that by law I couldn't do and that whatever amount I was giving then shouldn't change in fact it should be more because our daughter is growing and expenses are growing as well. She gave me their list of expenses and I don't think it's very reasonable and realistic given the fact that my in come is only 30k monthly and I have been the sole provider ever since my ex got pregnant. Her lists of expenses totals to 14883php monthly, this does not include school expenses of 4800/monthly this includes monthly tuition, school bus and tutoring. She wants to keep our daughter in a private school yet she will not find a job to contribute. I think her expenses lists is not realistic, our 5 year old still drinking milk like how an infant is meanwhile the amount of food contribution listed is a lot as well. She can eliminate diapers too because she can poty train our child. I think it's just fair now to only give basic financial support. Please see below if my proposal and demands are fair and reasonable, please advice....

Proposal and Demands are as follows:
- Spousal and child Support amount of 8k monthly should be reasonable and based on my current income.
- 1-2 times video/phone calls with my daughter weekly depending on my schedule at work.
- Weekly update from the mother of her well being and activities.
- The mother to send me photos of my daughter regularly.
- The mother to send me school report cards
- To have my daughter stay with me and my family every weekend failure to understand and comply with the essential marital obligations of living together and observing mutual love, respect and fidelity owing to a psychological cause. when I am in the Philippines with no conditions. I will pick her up at a common place on a Friday afternoon and drop her at the same place on a Sunday afternoon.

My complaints against your wife:
- She is extremely lazy. Ever since May 2012 never na po sya nag work. Ang usapan namin when our daughter turn 3, she will work again to help contribute with our family's expenses, but she always finds a reason like our child is young, or that working in the Philippines is useless because the salary is very low.
- Most of our marriage life, I am abroad working and she never really asks me how I am or even worry about me.
- She likes to control our life style, she wants things that a single income family cannot afford, for example enrolling our daughter to a private school and extra curricular like swimming lessons. This caused me to live pay check to pay check, no savings and sometimes takes advances from my employer.
- A family should have one religion to practice. She and I has different views/religion, although I tried to understand her religion but it wasn't enough to convince me to convert.
- Her attitude towards my parents and relatives.
- There is no love/care in the marriage
- The marriage was a mistake to begin with, the wedding only happened because she got pregnant and we both we in a middle east country where we can go to jail
- I have exerted my best to save our marriage for our daughter but it cannot work with no love. I was faithful for a while to see if I can learn to love her but as time passes I see the real her, she is just not the person I can live with for the rest of my life then I started having affairs here and there until I finally realize that I just couldn't love her. We lived apart most of our 4 year marriage.

Are my demads reasonable? Is the financial support Of 8k reasonable? I am not trying to make it hard for my ex wife I just want her to learn to stand up and not rely on me becauae she has been jobless for a while and that was number issue in our marriage. I can no longer support her in her terms because I am also putting myself under by asking my employer advances all the time and I am not able to have emergency fund for myself here, and also I am supporting my other daughter. Please advise.

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