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1 UNPAID CAR LOAN AMORTIZATION on Fri May 05, 2017 4:37 pm


Arresto Menor
Hi Good Afternoon.

I am now in fear of getting into jail and taking my possessions. I have an unpaid car loan amortixation for almost 7 months now. it Started because I have been unemployed since August, got my back pay hold and returned to work on November to government on a contractual basis.

I got the chance to update the account in december and left only 1 month of it. Come January due wasn't able to pay immediately as i really didn't know that government funds are taken back  from the agencies and will just revert back, i keep on asking for extension as i was hoping i could have my salary complete the fund we will have to pay for the amortization come latter part of the month of february, i am already past due for couple of months and negotiated to pay at least portion of the amount due and habol for the rest including  anumang penalties and charges na madag dag within the month. the representative from the bank told me na wag nang mangahas to send the 20k for payment as it will not be honored nor accepted. i looked for a legal advice. sabi sakin ask for restructuring..

I wrote a letter for restructuring. Hindi na daw ako pede as the account was not updated since july but i know for a fact that it was resolved and gave payment on december as the  most recent.

Communications last until i told them of the update on my contact.

I even bought for an insurance. naharaass pa nga ako sa insurance agent.

I received an email. telling i have to pay 163K as of 5/3/2017.

Up until know because of the delay in the release of the funds as my salary, iwasn't able to cope with our expenses. I have three kids a husband employed but it really wont suffice any payment to 'the car that is why i appeal them to grant and let me undergo a restructuring program. I really would like to retain and updaete the account as i know now for fact that i will get help from my family. however. i received an email this day that i need to surrender the car. and pay the due in full or else they will push throught the enforcement of the filed case against me.

The use of the car is not for luxury but as support for my mom, my daad the whole family to earn for a living.

I couldn't take any chance of giving it up coz i know. i can still manage to pay.

Please help. I am totally disturbed, my work moods were affected. Please help. asap.

Last edited by t1g3rl1l1 on Fri May 05, 2017 4:45 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : inserted the month when the fund from the govt for the salary was released.)

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2 Re: UNPAID CAR LOAN AMORTIZATION on Fri May 05, 2017 4:43 pm


Arresto Menor
Yes I am aware of the policies and of the chattel mortgage but couldn't they take into consideration the predicament as it is not really an intentional failure or refusal to pay?

I am asking for restructuring to consolidate the charges and the outstanding principal loan and make the deal into a restructuring program.

Is this really how are system? maging "luge"to the max ang mga buyer. kung tutuusin. they can take into consideration the willingness to pay despite the arrears.. ngkaproblema lang tlga, that is why.

Basta basta na lng babatakin ang sasakyan if they no that the client wis no longer capable of sending a huge or full payment outrioght. Please i need help.. thank You.

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3 Re: UNPAID CAR LOAN AMORTIZATION on Sun May 07, 2017 3:12 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
unfortunately, bank loans are there to make money for the bank. hence, humanitarian reasons are often overlooked as they have the loan agreement to chase you for the amount due. you cannot expect them to understand your situation and comply with your requests.

legally, the bank is in the right. what you can do is try to request for a loan at another bank to repay for the loan on your first bank. this may cost you extra, but at least it will resolve your issue.

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4 Re: UNPAID CAR LOAN AMORTIZATION on Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:12 am

Arresto Menor
No. The obligation is already extinguished when they took the car from you. - I saw this post from another guy for writ of replevin or repossessed card, the case I would like to seek an advise is that, a car got late for three months, but were able to pay it, come 2 months more were late, then again again they were able to pay so to make it short due to the continues late payments, the creditor decided to file a writ of replevin, by that time the debtor put money on the bank, 60kphp, but they have already file a cased to the debtor, by the time a sheriff came to the house, asking for the car, however the debtor is sleeping and the boyfriend is the only person the sheriff talk to, the boyfriend tried to wake up the debtor who signed the contract however the sheriff didn't allow him, and showed a copy of the signature of the debtors father who allowed the car to be taken away, in short the debtor who signed the contract never knew anything. So now the question ks ,

1. Is this even legal? Just because the owner of the house that were the debtor address it is from her father. So the sheriff said they have the rights to take the car due to the debtor's father's sign.

2. A court order was released, the lender is now demanding for the money, & prayed double the bond instead if 400k for the Toyota wigo, it went up to 800,00 + 150k lawyers fee shows in the letter, is the bond means the price amount of the car on the contract?

3. Last question, So if these amount has been paid, will the debtors Name be cleared on any banks?, or is it still blacklisted? If it has been paid will the debtor get the car back?

- if not? What will happen to the debtor if she didn't pay the asking price of the lender? Please reply ASAP I badly needed answer

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5 UNPAID CAR LOAN AMORTIZATION on Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:13 pm


Arresto Menor

May be you can give me an advise on my case

I bought my car last December 2012 and my first amortization was January 2013. From that time I am a good payor, unfortunately my father was diagnosed with dreaded disease August of 2016 and it affect my capability to settle my bills since I am helping my family to pay for my father's treatment. My last amortization payment was February 2017 and I am currently 7 months delayed on my amortization. My loan contract was scheduled to end this coming November 2017. Last week I received a demand letter from a collection agency, demanding to return the car or pay the whole due amount with interest and penalty. I tried to negotiate with them to be lenient by providing another option to settle my dues. I do understand that it is my responsibility to pay the amortization and I understand that an interest and penalty will incur due to my lapses. But is there anything out there (law or any rules) that might help me just to give me time to come up with the amount they are asking for me to settle. Masakit naman kung mababatak pa yung kotse, konting buwan na lang ang natitira na kailangan ko bayaran.

Hoping that you can help me with this
Thanks in advance

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