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1 CHANGE OF DOB BADLY NEED YOUR ADVICE. on Tue May 16, 2017 1:56 pm


Arresto Menor
Hi po, good day! I need your help po if you know the process or what needs to be done as we want to request for change of date of birth for my mother.

Mama have 10 siblings. She was not registered after Lola gave birth to her but ever since she was little all she know is that her birthday is November 10, 1962. Last 2015, Mama decided to process a late registration for her to be able to get an authenticated copy of her NSO live birth incase we will be needing it for Papa's retirement in the future. As now a days when it comes to legal requirements especially for pensioners they really require NSO copy. So yes, Mama was able to successfully complete a late registration in Dipolog City her place of birth.

Comes 2016 when we tried to apply an SSS membership for Mama, one of the requirements is an authenticated copy of her NSO live birth. I was so busy so i just requested it online and paid at the bank. When the parcel arrived i was puzzled because NSO sent a live birth not of my Mom but of her younger sister. I thought NSO just made a mistake and requested another one online. But then they still sent my Auntie's NSO copy. So I decided to just go to the NSO office here in Bacolod City. After going through a long line and after waiting for 2 hours my number got called out. When i checked the copy given it is still my Aunt's NSO! So i ask the guy about it and said that they gave me the wrong one. The NSO staff told me to ask about it on another window through an officer who for me was very strict and grumpy. :/ I told him that my mom already processed a late registration of her birth a year ago so they should have it already on their records. After checking on his end he told me that there is a conflict on my mom and my aunt's DOB. Mama registered her DOB as Nov 10, 1962 but my aunt, her younger sisters DOB is March, 1963! And the problem is her sister's DOB was registered correctly unlike Mom's which was just a late registration. As we are not that close to Mama's side of family we didn't know what our aunt's and uncle's DOB. My mom didn't even know that there was a conflict in their year of birth. According to that officer from NSo that it would be very expensive for a court order so might as well process a CHANGE IN DOB for mama moving her birth month a few months earlier so that it will not conflict on my aunt's DOB.

But my concern is, if ever we did request for a change in DOB for mama will it affect our records as her children as well as all the records on Papa's beneficiaries? My father is working in the government as a utility worker and ever since we put Nov 10, 1962 on moms DOB. Same thing on their Marriage certificate and on each of our own NSO live births. What could possibly happen? Do we have to update our live birth info as well? Please, I really need your advice and expertise! 😭😭😭 Thank you in advance. (sorry for the lengthy explanation.)

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2 Re: CHANGE OF DOB BADLY NEED YOUR ADVICE. on Tue May 16, 2017 3:44 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
Hi, the least costly way of addressing the situation is to adjust your mother's birth date so it will not conflict with her sister's DOB. After that, your dad can update the records for his beneficiaries, and you can also correct the date appearing in your NSO birth cert.

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3 Re: CHANGE OF DOB BADLY NEED YOUR ADVICE. on Tue May 16, 2017 3:54 pm


Arresto Menor
Phew, it seems like alot of work with a very little free time to process it all. But I guess we don't have any other choice. Thanks for the response though. Smile @Katrina288

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