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Life after resignation from a verbally oppressive boss

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Arresto Menor
Greetings to all,

I would like to address my query to anyone who can spare their time for some advice.

I have held a managerial position on a certain company for more than 5 years. Amidst this tenure, I have been patiently dealing with a verbally aggressive boss. I have chosen to resign the company for personal reasons, overwork, and freedom from a verbally oppressive work environment. Besides 1 month, I have also rendered extra 2 months to make it easier for the company to find a replacement which they have found 1 and a half month to go before my resignation takes place.
My job description is more of a specialised position and though doable, I have singlehandedly created and managed my department with an assistant under me, and for the most part of my time, by myself - making me, the most capable person to operate my role under that company. Overworked and constantly absorbing the negativity of the boss, I fear that I cannot be efficient anymore. After calling resignation, I was given a replacement (about 1 & 1/2 month before the last day) and with the best that I can, turnover my work and responsibilities. I was already at the peak of my burnout and though it was affecting my performance, I was able to create a manual with sufficient rules of operation and contacts. He has aggressively insisted that I keep my contact number incase something happens, which I was obliged to give yet I am halfhearted since the guy is a jerk.

It is about to be a month since my resignation yet, My replacement has told me of the ugly side of the company. Though he is quite capable, he struggles in maintaining the department as well as dealing with my former boss, and some negative side comments made by the man. One incident where in a machine that was not intended to be operated by my former department yet only kept there, was not functioning. My number was contacted yet I was out. It was reported to me by my replacement that my former boss was furious, and said that if "I do not show up and help fix the problem, he will file a civil case against me for not turning over properly". When I checked the phone at night when I came back, I replied to the representative who called and properly explained through text that my former department is not responsible in operating the said machinery and I am not capable of fixing the problem and simply apologising. I was replied in a neutral manner by this representative and was asking who is the person responsible, which I replied to the best I know. I have not had any calls nor messages since which means that my replacement or other people has found the solution.
I am a patient person, yet my former boss is a very difficult man who not only has perpetuated a grim work environment, but also doesn't authentically inspire anyone (including myself) to help nor care for him and the company, and this recent experience alone has been tormenting me. I do not want it to affect my life yet it seems to seep in my everyday routine. I am constantly living in fear with this and figure that I may not really have any freedom even after the resignation has been tendered and fulfilled. Can he actually sue me for this? Can I actually defend myself? Can I actually cut ties completely? I really don't want to go back and have not signed any legal document to be an after-sales representative who is on-call.

Looking Forward to your thoughts.

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Reclusion Perpetua
anyone can file a case, whether it prospers is another thing. since the machine is in their possession i don't understand what he means by not turning over property. as long as you dont have in your possession anything that still belongs to your employer then just ignore them

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Reclusion Perpetua
you have already resigned.. stop talking to your previous company..

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