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Warranty Law

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1 Warranty Law on Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:18 am


Arresto Menor
Good day!

I really don't know who to ask about this matter as this concerns WARRANTY.

The scenario is that, I am a computer technician who accepted a job to
refurbish an old computer. It was in a state of disrepair and only
contained the following parts: 1) The Case, 2) Power Supply
(defective) 3) DVD Drive (Defective) 4) Motherboard 5) Processor 6)
CPU FAN (Defective). The costumer asked if it can be revived. I then
tested the parts and found out that the board and processor is still
working. I told them that the 1) Power Supply, 2) The CPU Fan needs
replacement and that A) Memory Module B) Hard Disk Drive would need to
be added. I gave them a quote and they agreed to it. I Then assembled
the computer and cleaned the old case, replaced the parts and added
some of my parts as well retaining only 1) The Motherboard, 2)
Processor 3) Case 4) Defective DVD Drive. It was working and I
delivered the unit to them and showed them that it was working and
they agreed and accepted it. All went well for a week or so. And then
they approached me saying that the CPU was not turning on. I promptly
went to their place, I tested the parts that I have installed and all
were working properly on my unit. The only thing that was not working
was the 1) Motherboard and 2) Processor which was not replaced by me.
I told them that the cause was that a power surge occurred from the
VGA contact port (where the cpu is connected to the monitor). Since
the item was not purchased from me, I told them that it would cost
extra. But they kept insisting that I should repair it to avoid any
problems. I then replaced the 1) Board and 2) Processor and told them
that they can keep their old board and processor. The unit was fixed
again and I showed it to them and they agreed that all was ok. Another
2 weeks passed. And the same situation happened. The same damage
occurred. I explained that since this is the 2nd time it happened, I
can no longer shoulder the cost of the damage. They then filed a case
at the baranggay to have me refund everything. I agreed to it since
the baranggay captain was very biased and refused to hear my reasons.
(the same thing I am now explaining) I only recently got a job at a
call center and I told them that I cant afford to pay the whole thing
at one go. So I said, I could do 2 parts. But now, after my training,
the salary I had was not enough to give them an equal part of 2500 and
I can only offer 2000. They declined and they said that this matter
should be brought to court. I guess the question I have is that, under
warranty law, am I liable to replace the defective motherboard that
they had even though it was not purchased in anyway from me? I know
that for services I am bound by it but only for service not by the
parts. I tried to explain it to them and to the baranggay but they
dont seem to understand that since those parts that broke down were
not from me, I cannot readily agree to replace them easily.

Thank you for reading and I do hope that I can get a reply or even
some comments on what to do.

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2 Re: Warranty Law on Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:42 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
Wala ba kayong nakasulat na kasunduan as to hanggang saan lang yung liability mo as a technician?

It is best that you seek the advice of a Public Attorney sa may City/Municipal hall, since they offer free legal advice. They can also represent you in court, kung magkaroon man ng litigation procedures.

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