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Dilemma in Sangla of Property

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1 Dilemma in Sangla of Property on Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:19 am


Arresto Menor
Dear Atty's,

Way back 2012 when I started my business, I entered a contract of Sangla Tira, for my business to reside, so we entered to an agreement june 2012 notarized by an attourney. this is for two years...The value of the money is 250k when we started. And as the business was going smooth, expansion was inevitable, they offered me to sangla another room for the value of 150k.. so we did, and made a new contract, to add the value of the previous 250k pesos, to the new contract.. and also, the start date.. which was notarized by a notary public, march 2013, and then extended the years to pay to 3 years..

The thing is, the last we have made contract is march 2013, and its already 2017.. the 3 year contract is expired march 2016...

Although we have an agreement, that for the first 3 months after the 3 years.. that we will impose a 10%, interest from the capital.. for every month that they are delayed in paying the capital.. and another 10% on the 4th and each succeeding months they will be delayed to return of the capital... they are currently like.. 13months behind.. as per my personal computation.. its kinda large amount already...

To cut the story short, right now, my dilemma is, right now, the owner have made an arrangement with someone, apparently a buyer of the property, and already gave a deposit for the property.. and I am expecting they know how much they owe me.. since it is a written contract.. but I doubt they will be able to pay me the amount.. but I am still hoping so..

But what is troubling me the most, is since the buyer already paid for the deposit of the property, and forces me out of the property.. and I, not being payed for the capital and interest that has accrued..

The only thing I have is the original mother title, of the said property.. and some, maps and other papers, like birth certificate, ID of the owner..  I got these papers, when they asked for an additional 130k from me, last october 2015.. I agreed to their demands, cause I didn't have a security incase of something crazy happens.. like mortgaging the property again to another individual, or selling the property, without my knowledge.. and forcing us out.. and not being paid in the process..

I only did this exchange in good faith, but now, the owner of the property have sold the property without any notice to me, which is of course okay with me, as long as we follow what we have agreed upon in the contract we made..

But what if they dont, the owner, abide to what we have agreed upon?

What can I do with these papers to secure that in the process of selling of the property, I get the part of the deal..

Also, can I be forcibly evicted in any case?? cause I wont leave.. until I get my money back..

All I have is the mother title, vicinity map, tax declarations, ID's and special power of atty from them..

Can you shed me some light on my dilemma?? what can I expect...


ang hirap po mag english.. X__X pero sana naitindihan naman...

sana matulungan nyo po ako.. thanks

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